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Did you hear about the lady with a kink for Amish men but was only into threesomes?

She had two mennonite!

I have fetish for twisting up water hoses

Some would call it a kink

I have this weird kink where I like to be choked with decorative gourds.

It's called Autumn-Erotic Asphyxiation.

Kink joke, I have this weird kink where I like to be choked with decorative gourds.

Kinky involves a feather.

Perverted involves the whole bird.

What's the kinkiest leafy green?

Collared Greens

Whats the difference between a kink and a fetish?

A kink is something put in a hose, a fetish is something she wants to put in your hose.

What do kinky ghosts enjoy?


Kink joke, What do kinky ghosts enjoy?

BDSM while being dressed as a Knight

BDSM while being dressed as a Knight is my absolute weakness.

You can say that it is a Kink in my Armour.

What do you call the marriage license for a couple whose main kink is bondage?

A restraining order!

A kinky passenger grinningly exposed himself to a stewardess as he boarded the plane.

"I'm sorry," said the woman, "but you'll have to show me your ticket, not your stub."

I woke up today with a kink in my neck.

The alarm went off, and I found it trying to put a ball gag in my mouth.

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What is a defense attorney's favorite kink?

Getting off on a technicality.

I just got out of an NSA relationship...

The whole kink of secretly spying on each other was getting weird for me.

My girlfriend asked me if we could explore her denial kink more.

I said no.

What do kinky vegans say in the bedroom?

Artichoke me, Daddy .

What do you call an Italian sex kink?


Kink joke, What do you call an Italian sex kink?

What's an atom's favorite kink

Chemical BONDAGE

I wonder if all female demons have a kink for cars

Because they sure succ-a-bus

Kinky sex.

What do you call kinky sex that involves chocolate?

S & M & M

I kink my neck so often...

I'm starting to think I'm secretly into BDSM

Who is the kinkiest member of the mafia?

The one who sleeps with the fishes.

What's a kinky nerd into?


What does a girl with a fruit and daddy kink call her significant other?


(NSFW) Daddy kink be like...

I'm close

Hi Close, i'm Dad

What's the kinkiest kind of cheese?


Why does pornhub run faster than Netflix?

Because speed throttling is there kink.

What's Sean Connery's kink?


If Jesus had a kink what would it be?


What did the kinky lawnmower say to get turned on?

Choke me daddy

Found out I have a kink.

Its in my neck I need a massage

What is the kinkiest cult?

the Illuminaughty

What's a kinky Native Americans favorite drink?

Tea pee

please downvote

Consent is my kink, I just can't have sex without it

I would help with your bdsm kink

My hands are tied at the moment though.

Discussing my new-found kink has been rough

It turns out the only thing I am sexually attracted to is final scene from the movie Heat. I've tried to talk to my friends about it

But nobody wants to hear how I came to that conclusion.

What do girls with a daddy kink call their real dad?

Nothing, it goes straight to voicemail.

What did the kinky vegetable say to the other vegetable.

You oughta choke me.

My kink is to have sex under hypnosis.

I guess I'm trancesexual.

What's something that can stop water but never fails to make someone wet?

A kink.

What's the difference between a kink and a fetish?

One involves a feather. The other involves the whole bird.

My grandpa has been condescending Dave and Ray Davies since the 60s...

I guess he's really into Kink shaming.

A kinky woman handcuffed me and said, "I always wanted to do this to you"

Then she took me to prison


Q: What is the diffrence between erotic and kinky?

A: Erotic is using a feather .....kinky is using the whole chicken

Personally, I'm not into any impreg kink myself but...

Y'know... knock yourself up.

Why was the hose always unsatisfied?

It could never find anyone into its kink.

I hate when my hose stops spraying water.

But then I remember not to kink shame.

I don't want to kink shame Kyle Rittenhouse, but…

…whenever he shoots someone, he gets off.

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