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We used to have empires run by emperors, then we had kingdoms run by kings..

Now we have countries..

We used to have empires ruled by emperors, kingdoms ruled by kings and sultanates ruled by sultans.

Now we have countries....

In the past, empires were ruled by emperors, then kingdoms were ruled by kings.

Now we have countries.

Kingdoms joke, In the past, empires were ruled by emperors, then kingdoms were ruled by kings.

There used to be great empires, ruled by Emperors, then there were Kingdoms ruled by Kings...

Now all we have is a bunch of countries....

we used to have empires run by emperor's, and kingdoms run by kings,

now we have countries...

The Queen created a beautiful design that I decided to put on a shirt

One day, the Queen of The United Kingdoms designed a beautiful new crest for the royal family and seeing it, I saw an opportunity for profit and began selling t-shirts with the design printed on them thinking that the royal family wouldn't mind.

After several very angry calls from the royal family's lawyers, I found out that I had to pay Her Royalty her royalties for Her Royal Tee's^TM

First we lived in kingdoms run by Kings, then Empires run by Emperors

Now we live in Countries...

Kingdoms joke, First we lived in kingdoms run by Kings, then Empires run by Emperors

If kings are in charge of kingdoms, emperors are in charge of empires, and princes are in charge of principalities....

....then who is in charge of a country?

Why did House Stark shut down the northernmost cereal factory in the Seven Kingdoms?

Cuz they were bad at Raisin' Bran

What did the three kingdoms say when one fell?

"No Wei!"

No one could measure their height in medieval kingdoms.

Only the Ruler could.

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We used to have kingdoms ran by kings and empires ran by emperors and now we have theresa may

And now it's mayhem

What's the difference between the U.S. and the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros?

In Westeros, the capitol is located south of the wall.

But both are ruled by someone who acts like a prepubescent teen.

I guess Great Britain is going for its roots...

Separated Kingdoms.

I'll see myself out.

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