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  1. If King Tut had a watchmaker, and that watchmaker had a favorite 80's movie, what would it be? Pharaoh's Jeweller's Day Off

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  1. Are you a fan of King Tut? Me too! Well, at least we have Tutankhamen
  2. What was King Tut known as in the wild west? Rootin' Tutankhamun
  3. If King Tut had traveled to Japan there's a good chance he would've been... poopin ramen.
  4. What did King Tut say when he got scared? I want my mummy
  5. Who is King Tut's favorite actress? Mia Farrow
  6. How did King Tut feel after falling for an internet scam? Egypt
  7. Why aren't I friends with King Tut? We have nothing ankhamun
  8. Apparently King Tut would belch frequently. But toot? Uncommon.
  9. Why did Mrs. Tut fall in love with King Tut? Because of his Pharaoh moans.
  10. Why did King Tut's c**... addicted parents stay together? They had Tutankhamun.

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So I was brushing up on Egyptian history the other day...

and I was reading about King Tut. Apparently he suffered from IBS, which caused him to pass the most ungodly smelling gas (reminiscent of rotting animal carcasses seasoned with rotted potatoes). Due to this, it was hard to find servants willing to happily serve him, but one day, Tut's parents encountered a servant who suffered from the same condition and was used to the smell, so he was more than happy to serve the future Pharaoh. From that day forward, the Servant and Tut were always together, both excreting the foul stench from their derrieres. Most people agreed that they had a Tutankhamen.