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I was dating a girl claiming to be related to King Louis the XVI and got mad

after I declared "so no head?"
Immediately she begins storming off

Two travelers are driving past a, "Welcome to Lewisville, Kentucky!", sign and ...

They can't decide if it's pronounce LouiS-ville or Louey-ville. So they decide to settle it by asking at a burger place they pull up to.
"Hi we're from out of town and have a bet about how locals pronounce this place"?
The local says deliberately and slowly, "Burger... King".

What did King Louis XVI ask of his barber?

"A little off the top please"

"I just discovered Louis XIV had a nickname."

"Sun King?"
"Not yet, I'm still in shock."

A prophet in france

There was a prophet in France during the reign of king Louis XI who predicted the death of one of his advisors eight days before the advisor died.
The king decided that the prophet was too dangerous to be left alive and called on his royal guard
"Grab this prophet and bring him to me." the king said
So they did and brought him to the king
The prophet knew what was going on of course
The king decided to ask the prophet one more question to see if he truly was what he claimed to be
"Do you know when you are going to die?" the king asked the prophet
"Yes I do" answered the prophet
"Well, when?"
"I am going to die three days before you."

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