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Have you heard about kinetic energy? This article will take you through a funny journey of kinetic jokes to explain the physics and science of kinetic energy. From kinetic sand and telekinetic powers to ionic jokes, you'll be laughing in no time!

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You have so much potential

But no kinetic energy, therefore you will never go anywhere in life.

Why couldn't we get precise kinetic data on the phosphine-catalyzed reaction?

The reaction rate was too phos-phor-us

In my Science class we were talking about Kinetic and Potential energy. I said outloud "No wonder my mom calls me Kinetic"

"Because I have no Potential"

I am not lazy

I just cant convert my potential energy into kinetic energy.

Some military humour: why do I call the ol' downstairs resident APFSDS?

Because it's a long-rod kinetic penetrator!

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