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Funniest Kindle Short Jokes

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  1. When my kindle reads Fifty Shades of Gray to me It's like getting an obscene phone call from Stephen Hawking
  2. My fiancee keeps yelling at me because Alexa is interrupting her game on the Kindle. I can't help it. My voice turns her on.
  3. Sir, the numbers are in and I'm pleased to report that chimney sales are through the roof. But our kindling branch is up in smoke.
  4. I got a Kindle for Christmas that only lets me download modern sociology audiobooks. I think it speaks volumes on todays society.
  5. On black Friday I found a great deal and bought 4 Kindles online. Today they delivered a Two Ronnies DVD.
  6. Turns out Parmesan cheese could be as much as 60% wood pulp... Which is why you should always go camping with Italians. As long as they stay regular you'll have kindling for fire.
  7. We all know what happens when you put Tinder on your Kindle. But what happens if you create a game with Scratch and upload it to Itch?
  8. What's the difference between a Kindle and a Kindle Fire? The Kindle Fire has a lithium battery.

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Kindle One Liners

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  1. What did they use to set off the amazon warehouse fire? Amazon kindle.
  2. What did Kim Jong Il call his Kindle? The Dear Reader.
  3. I just bought a 3D kindle. Or a book as it is more commonly known.
  4. i put tinder on my kindle it burst into flames
  5. I heard they are making a "Tinder" app for midgets...'s called "Kindling"
  6. Your momma so fat.. she sat on the library and invented the kindle.
  7. What's more popular than Tinder in Alabama? Kindling
  8. Why did Samsung call it the Galaxy Note 7? Because "Kindle" was taken.
  9. Amazon should sue Samsung.... For infringing on the copyrights of their Kindle and Fire.
  10. I really hate campfires... Just Kindling.
  11. What do you get if you cross a Kindle with an Apple iPhone 4S?
  12. What can destroy a Great Library the fastest? A Kindle.
  13. My tablet burned me today after I installed Tinder on my Kindle Fire.
  14. Yo momma so s**...... ...that she helped save the Amazon by buying a Kindle

Kindle joke, Yo momma so s**......

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Kindle joke, We all know what happens when you put Tinder on your Kindle.