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"Killing them with kindness is a lot harder than I thought"

said the assassin

How are they killing Covid in the North Pole?


Kill Whitey joke

β€˜When we say we want to kill whitey, we don’t really mean we want to kill whitey,’ before quipping, β€˜we do’.

Killin joke, Kill Whitey joke

I'm killing off the main character in my book.

It's an autobiography.

After killing himself and several others, a suicide bomber is given 72 virgins to use as he pleases.

When the suicide bomber arrives, he notices that they're all on laptops. He finds this strange, and asks one what they're doing. The virgin responds, "We're playing Fortnite. Wanna join?"

Killing yourself is like washing the dishes

I'll do it tommorow

You're not killing yourself

You are just trying to speedrun life!

Killin joke, You're not killing yourself

Killing one doctor a day

keep the doctors away.

Killing two birds with one stone this weekend

Taking my mother to Hooters sounds rock solid.

Killing people is just like smoking cigarettes

I can stop whenever I want

Did you know they're killing off a main character in my little pony?

There's no more apple jack.

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I tried killing a spider with hairspray.

Sadly, it's still alive, but its hair is *fabulous*.

What are you doing?

Killing flies
Have you killed any?
Yes, four males and two females
How do you know they're female or male?

Four were on a beer can and two on the mirror.

Killing 50% of all life on every planet one at a time had to be getting pretty expensive for Thanos by the end...

So he decided to take the five-finger discount.

Why does killing people in GTA make me happy?

It's the only time I'm ever wanted

"You're killing me small!"

- my grandpa when I unplugged his life support

Killin joke, "You're killing me small!"

If killing your dad is Patricide, and your mom is Matricide, what is it if you kill your sibling?


What do "killing net neutrality" and "Bitcoin" have in common?

They both involve people paying lots of money for NOTHING!

Killing mountain

What do you call a mountain of murderers?

You know what they say about killing bees...

It's a real buzzkill.

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