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Funniest Killer Whale Short Jokes

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  1. Marine biologists have discovered a group of killer whales that regularly meets and plays music together. They call it an orca-stra.
  2. My friend is planning to do vasectomies on killer whales. But he prefers the term orchestrating
  3. My music teacher constructed a piece for heterosexual killer whales. That's something I wouldn't know how to orca straight.
  4. Why did the killer whale go to jail for stealing all the diamonds? He's the one that orca-strated the heist!
  5. The killer whale planned its attack on the seals for weeks. It was very carefully orca-strated.
  6. Who's the tidiest of all the sea creatures? Personally I think it's the killer whales. They're the best at orca-nizing
  7. Killer whales are great musicians but there's one instrument they just won't play The orcana
  8. What's the difference between a killer whale and a killer dolphin? One doesn't have to hide the bodies.
  9. What's the difference between a Spanish island and an angry killer whale? One is Menorca and the other is a mean orca
  10. Did you hear about the killer whale who was able to juggle while standing on its legs? Turns out it was just a fluke.

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Killer Whale One Liners

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  1. What do you call a pod of singing killer whales? An orcapella group
  2. What do you call a band of killer whales? An orcastra
  3. What do you call a group of killer whales playing instruments? An orca-stra.
  4. What's a killer whale's favorite pasta? Penguini
  5. Killer Whales like classical music so much... That they form Orcastras.
  6. Have you tried the whale sushi? It's Killer
  7. What do you call a group of killer whales carrying musical instruments? An orca-stra.
  8. Have you met my Spanish killer whale? Mallorca?
  9. Why do killer whales never make friends with other species? They're too orc'ward.
  10. What do you call a fork made from the bone of a killer whale? Forca
  11. Did you hear about the whale that went to the party? He was killer.
  12. I told my friends this story about an orca... It was a killer whale of a time
  13. Violent killer whales really get me off I like to watch tilikum
  14. I quit my job at the killer whale breeding program My boss made me feel orcawood
  15. What was the Orchestrators second job? Killer Whale Chiropractor

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What did the killer whale do when the boat came?

Swallowed all the s**...

What's the difference between a killer whale and Stalin?

Killer whales don't kill 20 million people.

I wanted to show my friend some music I'm orchestrating...

But they stopped me right away, saying, "this sounds like the beginning of a killer whale joke."

Why does killer whale f**... smell so good?

Because it's shampoo.

I asked my friend why animals stay in groups...

He replied, "There are several reasons. Name an animal and I'll tell you why."
Perplexed, I took the opportunity and asked him about why penguins stay in groups.
"That," he responded, "is because penguins often use eachother to test if something is safe. Penguins sometimes even push other penguins into the water to test for killer whales."
Amazed by his knowledge, I ask him about birds.
"There are several reasons for this, as well, but the major one is so that they have a much lower chance of being targetted by a predator, like an eagle."
At this point it was just for fun, but finally, I asked him about lions.
"Oh, that? It's just the pride of lions."

How do killer whales drink a milkshake?

Through an orca-straw.

What do you call a fat girl that committed a m**...?

Killer Whale.

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