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Why is president Zelensky still in Kiev?

His humongous b**... keep getting stuck in the doorway.

I've learned that "Chicken Kiev" is a misnomer

There's nothing chicken about them.

I rented some heavy lifting equipment in Kiev

from a company called You crane.

I had to reset my password, chicken, to have a capital in it

It's now chicken kiev

Putin dies and goes to h**.......

Because of good behaviour he is allowed out for a few days and goes to Moscow, where he visits a bar. He orders a shot of v**... and asks:
\- Is Crimea ours?
\> Belongs to us.
\- And Donbas and Kiev?
\- Perfect. How much is that?
\> Five euros.

i hope it wasnt here already

Putin asks a fairy: Where will I be in april?
The fairy answers: I see you in a limo driving through kiev, the war between Russia and Ukraine has ended, everyone is cheering.
Putin: Am I waving to them?
Fairy: No, the coffin is closed.

Old Jewish joke.

A group of Ukrainian villagers are trying to get a cow to mate with a bull.
Try as they might, the cow refused to mate with any bull at all.
The villagers take the cow to the rabbi to ask for help.
The Rabbi inspects the cow then asks the villagers, "is the cow from Kiev?"
"Yes..." replied the villagers.
"Aha," exclaimed the Rabbi "that's why she won't mate with the bull."
"How do you know this?" asked the villagers, intrigued.
"My wife's from Kiev." replied the Rabbi.

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