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When I was a kid we were so poor!

We were so poor that in the winter time we had to gather around our sickest sibling just to stay warm.

I'm so pale...

I'm so pale that when I went outside last winter, the neighborhood kids said, "Hey, look! Frosty's on a diet!"
I'm so pale that when I worked in the ice cream parlor and was giving a kid his vanilla cone, he started l**... my hand.
I'm so pale that my house is listed as haunted. It was built last year!
I'm so pale that when I went to confession, the priest told me to eat a clove of garlic.

I haven't seen many kids sledding this winter

It's really gone downhill

Why did the kid put butter on his winter gloves?

because he didnt want to catch a cold.

When Chuck Norris was a kid, he wanted to see if you really could kill two birds with a stone.

Let's just say that's why birds fly still south in the winter.

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