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What is born skinless, flies wingless and sings until it dies?

A fart.

*dedicated to my dear departed Grandfather who told me this joke almost 40 years ago when I was a kid.*

Kids are like farts...

I hate everyone elses but for some weird reason I like my own.

Good Kid!

A father had a rather dim-witted son. One day, the son came home from school. His father asked him, "How was school, son?" His son replied, "Great dad! My teacher asked a question, and only I could answer!" His father was overjoyed. He probed, "Good kid! What was the question?"

His son replied, "She asked, 'Who farted?' "

Kids are like farts...

You can only tolerate your own.

Courtesy of my kid when she was seven: what's invisible and smells like bananas?

Monkey farts

Farts are like kids.

You love yours, but other people's are unbearable.

Kids are like farts

You only accept them if they're yours

Farts are like kids

I am proud of mine, but disgusted by yours

A man farts in public in a small city...

He is so embarrassed that he leaves the city. 10 years later he thinks well, it has been a long time and nobody remembers what I did... It's time to go back home. He is back and meets a kid. Asks him how old he is. The kid answers I don't know but everybody says that I was born the same year Joe farted.

Kids are like farts

The only ones you can stand are your own.

Kids are like farts

You're proud of your own, but everyone else's stinks!

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A man goes to war and his wife vows to not wash at all untill he returns!

Ten years later, he returns and his wife meets him at the airport.
After they get in a car the wife asks:
"Whats wrong? You haven't spoken a word since you came"
and the husband replies:
"I'm waiting for you to fart so I can catch some air"

It was pretty funny when I was s kid!

As a kid, fart jokes are always funny...

But as an Adult, for a fart joke to be funny it needs more substance.

The blackest dad

3 kids were arguing to see who had the blackest dad.

The first kid says: "My dad is so black, when he pee, it comes out petroleum"

The second kid says: "That's nothing compared to my dad, he's so black that when he takes a dump, he poops coal"

The third kid laughs and say: "you think that's black? My dad's so black that when he farts, we stay a week in the dark"

Kids are like farts

You don't mind your own

Kids are like farts

I only like my own.

Fart's are a lot like kids

Your own are ok however other people's are unbearable

Eastman School of Music Fart Scale circa 1963 (no kidding - I did not make this up)

In order of increasing pitch:







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