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I took a selfie after my kidney removal surgery

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Why so many people with iPhones have cracked screen?

Because after selling one kidney to buy the phone you biologically can't remove the other one to replace the cracked screen.

Pete Carrol has kidney stone complications.

It should have been removed by surgery....
(wait for it)....
But he decided to try to pass it.

The Worst Ex-wife Ever

A woman is walking along a beach when she finds an old oil lamp.
She picks it up and rubs it, and out comes a genie.
The genie says to the woman, "Thank you for freeing me from the oil lamp.
I will grant you three wishes, but whatever you wish for, your horrible ex-husband will get twice as much. What is your first wish?"
The woman says, "I'd like a million dollars in my bank account, please!"
The genie says, "You now have a million dollars in your bank account,
and your ex-husband now has two million dollars. What is your second wish?"
The woman says, "I've always wanted a nice car. I'd like a brand new
Rolls-Royce, please!"
The genie says, "You now have a new Rolls-Royce in your garage
at home, and your ex-husband now has two new Rolls-Royces.
What is your third wish?"
The woman thought for a while and then said, "I'd like you to remove one
of my kidneys, please!"

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