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This no kidding came from my 10 y/o today from his class. 5th Grade

Student #1: was acting rude and obnoxious toward other students in class

My kiddo: "Stop acting rude"

Student #1: "Make me"

Student #2 (a friend of my kiddo): "Your Mom and Dad already made that mistake."

(A joke my 3 y/o nephew came up with)

Kiddo: knock knock

Mom: who's there?

Kid: Daddy. Because I locked the door. *laughs hysterically*

Did you hear about the prize for the Amish children's cooking competition?

Whichever kiddo makes the best egg dish gets to keep the Amlet omelet amulet

Kid: Dad, I need to fix my bike tire, it's flat. Dad: Kiddo, you need a henway for that. Kid: What's a henway?

About three pounds.

(read outloud)

My six year olds joke: What happened when the joke came out of the man's head?

Me: What happened?
Kiddo: He lit on fire and turned into a joke ghost.

A farmer's cows got loose one morning

And made their way down the street to the medicinal marijuana farm. The farmhand said to the farmer, "what do we do! They're eating the weed!" And the farmer replied "I don't know kiddo, but the steaks have never been higher"

Better Luck Next Year Kiddo!

I'm going to give my kid a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying Toys not included.

On my way to school

I saw 4 teens beating up a lil kiddo so i decided to help out. He didn't stand a chance against the 5 of us

MUM There's no way you're going out in this skirt, kiddo!

But mom, I've got great legs, why should I hide them?!
Because it's so short and your nuts are hanging out underneath!

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