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  1. I just got kicked out of the weirdest gender reveal party.. Apparently we had to wear pants...
  2. I was at a party last weekend The DJ played the Macarena, so I did the Macarena
    Next, he played the Hustle, so I did the Hustle
    Finally, he played "Come on, Eileen". I got kicked out for that one.
  3. Just got kicked out of a Greek themed costume party apparently coming dressed as an ancient Greek olympian 'wasn't appropriate'
  4. I got arrested for punching this guy at a new years party... When you hear an arab counting down from ten your instincts kick in.
  5. I was arrested at a New Year's party last night I'm sorry, but when you hear an Arab counting down from 10 your fight or flight instincts kick in...
  6. Why did the man dressed as a ghost get kicked out of the Halloween party? He showed up sheetfaced.
  7. Why did Blacula get kicked out of a Yale Halloween party? The party was for "Wights only."
  8. I dressed up as a coprophiliac Taurus to the Halloween party, but got kicked out because apparently it was "indecent." Bull-f**...-s**....

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  1. Why was the socialist kicked from his party? Because he was anti social.

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i once lost my watch..

i once lost my watch at a party. after an hour of searching, i saw a guy harassing a woman while stepping on my watch. i immediately went to him, kicked him, and saved the woman. no one ever harasses a female, not on my watch

edit- d**... this blew up like a time bomb

A wake for my mother-in-law

Two rural gentlemen were chatting. One says, "Say, I noticed a lot of cars at your house on Saturday night. Were you having a party or something?"
"No," responds the second man. "Tragically last week one of my mules kicked my mother in law in the head, and she died suddenly"
"Oh, No!" says the first man. "So were the people there to pay their final respects?"
"No," says the second man. "Once news started to spread about the incident, men from all over the county started coming over asking if they could borrow my mule."

I went to a party the other day and danced to all the songs.

They played the twist so I did the twist. They played jump so I jumped. I got kicked out after they played come on Eileen...
Don't worry that's not true - I don't know what her name was