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Trump to bartender: We are going to nuke Pakistan & kill Mia Khalifa

Bartender: why mia khalifa?

Trump to Imaran Khan: see nobody cares about Pakistan!

What's the difference between Mia Khalifa and Chelsea?

Mia Khalifa can handle 10 men at home.

Why does Mia Khalifa only make black men wear condoms?

She wants a dad for her kids

Khalifa joke, Why does Mia Khalifa only make black men wear condoms?

Most people would say that Eminem, Jay-Z, or Andre 3000 spit the hardest on the mic...

I personally think it was Mia Khalifa.

What would Fred Flintstone say if you asked him which city had the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world?

Abu Dhabi Dooooooo!

Did you hear that Mia Khalifa has HIV?

Finally doing something positive with her life.

There are 3 great Khalifas in the world...

And Burj Khalifa is my favourite pornstar.

Khalifa joke, There are 3 great Khalifas in the world...

They planned the date when the Burj Khalifa would be finished in advance...

They wanted to know when it'd be due by

The last time Arsenal kept a clean sheet

Mia Khalifa was still a virgin

What's the world's highest building?

The Wiz Khalifa.

My girlfriend asked me who Mia Khalifa was.

I said,

"Uh... just some celebrity who had her 5 minutes of fame. She was only popular for like 18 months.

In fact, I think it was 'Barely 18' months."

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Besides their last name, what does Wiz Khalifa and the Burj Khalifa have in common?

They're the highest things on this planet.

The difference between Pitbull and Mia Khalifa is

Pitbull: Yooo Yoooo

Mia Khalifa :Yeaaa Yeeaaa

The Tallest Building

People say the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building.

But in fact my library is because is has more stories.

I tried googling Wiz Khalifa ...

But all I found was MIa Khalifa peeing .

What do you call a urinating khalif.

Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa joke, What do you call a urinating khalif.

Why does Wiz Khalifa brush his teeth?

Plaque and yellow, plaque and yellow, plaque and yellow.

Did you hear the joke about Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth?

I guess I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.

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