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Kerry Okeefe wife joke

Oh, yeah, - O’Keeffe began. - When we had to start spending more time at home, I noticed this woman sitting in my lounge room.

Yeah, because I was in and out (of the house) with (my) Fox Cricket (commentary duties),

And with COVID … I started to talk to her.

And she told me she was my wife! - O’Keeffe cried - And we’re getting on really well! There’s a plus to COVID … I met my missus!

What did Jim Kerr say to his wife as she was headed to the Asian grocery?

Don't you forget a bánh mì.

Two Kerry men driving through Cork

One fella says "That's where Michael Collins died"
The other fella "Tis a bad bend aright"

[NBA] Warriors were losing 93-94 with 0:11 left in the game. Steve Kerr replaced Thompson with KD instead of Curry to make the final shot, they lost the game.

Whoops, wrong sub.

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep.

That's deep enough. Like, what do you want, sexy intestines?

Source: Jean Kerr

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