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Word joke

A man had 4 sons, and named them Bronson, Kenneth, Conrad and Dominic.
One day, they decided to ask their father if his choice of names meant anything.
He replied, "Only the first three letters of each."

Prostate exam

Patient bent over n**... about to get his prostate checked.
Dr says "ok Dave don't get a hard on "
Patient says " my name is Kenneth"
Dr says " my name is DAVE"

A grasshopper walks into an ice cream parlor

The clerk says "Hey Grasshopper, we have an ice cream flavor named after you!" The Grasshopper says "What? You have a flavor named Kenneth?"

REM got it wrong, Kenneth

Hertz is the frequency. Watt is power.

I hava a blind chinese friend

His name was Kenneth Sy

Annual Checkup

Kenneth is visiting his doctor for his annual physical.
DOC: I strongly recommend you quit m**....
KEN: Why?
DOC: I'm trying to perform a prostate exam.

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