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What do you call a kennel made of pennies, dimes, and quarters?

A Nickle-less Cage


The bird dog

Billy Bob decides he wants to go duck hunting and needs a bird dog.

His partner tells him to be sure to get one with a nice tight asshole, otherwise the dog will fill up with water and sink.

So Billy Bob goes to the local kennel and asks to see the bird dogs. The owner takes him to a pen and lets him in. Billy Bob grabs a dog by the tail, lifts it up, looks at it's asshole, shakes his head, puts it down, and moves to the next dog repeating the process.

After about a dozen dogs, the owner asks him if there is a problem. Bob tells him he's going duck hunting and needs a dog with a tight asshole so it doesn't fill up with water and sink.

The owner walks over, grabs a dog by the tail, lifts it up, grabs it's balls with the other hand, gives the balls a vicious twist, the dogs asshole cinches tight, and the owner says "Sorry, these were adjusted for quail".


My colleagues call me the pussy slayer...

I'm in charge of euthanising cats at the kennel.


How does the kennel club stay organized?

With a secreterrier.


What do you call a dog kennel in San Francisco?

Luxury apartments


I thought my son was going out as a dog because he asked me to buy him a dog kennel for Halloween

But it turned out he was going as migrant child taken away from his parents


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