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What did Kendrick Lamar say when he a walked into a tree?

"Birch, don't kill my vibe. "

Who's the best rapper in the jungle?

Kendrick Lemur

Why does Kendrick Lamar like to roll past the police in a Honda?

Because they can't take him out his Element

What song would Kendrick Lamar sing if he was Native American?

"Bitch don't kill my tribe."

Thanks alot Kendrick Lamar!!!

Now whenever I tell my kids to "Sit Down!" when they are acting up in public, they reply with "Be Humble!"

What would Kendrick Lamar be if he made people laugh for a living?

A sit-down comedian

Who looks like a alpaca and drops sick albums in 2017

...Kendrick Llama

What's a pirate's favorite rapper?

Kendrick Lamarrghhhh

What do you call a black rapper in 1920s Germany?

Kendrick Weimar

What did Kendrick Lamar say when Rihanna tried to unplug his VR headset?

Bitch, don't kill my Vive.

Which rapper has the best flow?

Kendrick Laminar

I would tell you to listen to my favorite Kendrick Lamar song...

But it's just alright.

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