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Kelvin and Celsius had a job interview but only one of them got the job.

It was Celsius because he had a degree.

Why don't Jedi Knights use the Kelvin scale?

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Why do the Jedi refuse to measure temperature using Kelvin?

Because only a Sith deals in absolutes

Kelvin joke, Why do the Jedi refuse to measure temperature using Kelvin?

You don't wanna mess with Kelvin.

He's an absolute unit.

When asked the temperature I enjoy giving it in Kelvin.

I'm losing my friends by degrees.

What do thermometers wear for underwear?

Kelvin Klein

Have you met my friend Kelvin

He's an absolute unit.

Kelvin joke, Have you met my friend Kelvin

Why are other measurements afraid of 0° Kelvin?

Because it's an absolute unit.

What do scientists wear?

Kelvin Klein

Did you hear about the man who tried to freeze himself at 0° Kelvin?

He's 0K now

A coworker named Celsius recently retired at my work, so they hired a guy named Kelvin to replace him.

He's the new temp.

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Met Kelvin the other day

What an absolute unit, that lad.

I used to work with a guy called Kelvin.

He was an absolute unit!

When I learnt that the coldest temperature in the universe is 0 Kelvin, I thought to myself,

That's an absolute unit right there

-40° outside sounds brutally cold, Fahrenheit or Celsius.

My friend Kelvin just rolled his eyes.

My buddy Kelvin said he wanted to go absolute zero today...

I guess that's 0K...

Kelvin joke, My buddy Kelvin said he wanted to go absolute zero today...

I heard that Lord Kelvin was a really big guy.

An absolute unit.

Name an animal that lives in water

Teacher: Name an animal that lives in water?

Kelvin: Hippopotamus

Teacher: Amos, you're next

Amos: Hippopokelvin

Teacher: Whats that?

Amos: Kelvin started it 😒😒😒

What brand of underwear do thermometers wear?

Kelvin Klein

Why was Barry in awe at the size of Kelvin?

Kelvin is an absolute unit.

Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Buffalo Bills yesterday. Before his first game he asks, what's the temperature outside?

It's zero degrees, Kelvin.

Kelvin Klein

The hottest underwear around

I don't like Fahrenheit. I don't like Celsius. I don't like Kelvin.

I prefer to measure my degrees in Radians.

A coworker of mine, Celsuis recently retired. The company hired a guy named Kelvin to replace him.

He's the new temp!

How is Bill Cosby like an environment at 0 Kelvin?

When around both, one eventually stops moving.

Forgive me.

What type of underwear does the sun wear?

**kelvin Clein**

What brand of boxers does the sun wear?

Kelvin Klein

What's a chemist's favorite fast food restaurant?

K(elvin) F(ahrenheit) C(elsius)!

What did Kelvin say to his son Celsius after he broke his 273 college degrees?

You have hit Absolute Zero, son...

Coach: My boy Kelvin here is gonna freeze out the competition.

Interviewer: Is that him over there?Wow, what an absolute unit!

"Check out this absolute unit!"

Zero Degrees Kelvin

What brand of underwear does the sun wear?

Kelvin Klein


What an absolute unit.

Baby, you're so hot, you're an absolute 10

... on the Kelvin scale.

I'm in awe at the Kelvin scale

It's an absolute unit.

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