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The Funniest Kellyanne Conway Jokes for a Bone-Shaking Laugh

Kellyanne Conway did not test positive for Covid-19

She tested alternative-negative

Trump was cleaning his gun in Trump Tower...

Kellyanne Conway walks in and asks,

Kellyanne: "Why do you have a gun?"

Trump: "Obama Spy Drones"

Kellyanne: \*laughs\*

Trump: \*laughs\*

Microwave: \*laughs\*

Trump shoots the Microwave.

What Does Kellyanne Conway Call Her Computer's Scanner?

Alternative Fax.

I asked Kellyanne Conway for her email

And she said "oh you mean my alternative fax?"

Kellyanne Conway didn't get work done

That's just her alternative face

What does Kellyanne Conway eat for lunch?

Alternative snacks

Kellyanne Conway can't receive PDF's in her email so she uses an alternative:


Why did kellyanne Conway cross the road?

To get to the alternative side.

What team does Kellyanne Conway play for?

The Dodgers.

Why is everyone giving Kellyanne Conway such a hard time about making herself comfortable?

Come on, you'd want to relax as well, fabricating a massacre takes some effort.

What does Kellyanne Conway call an email?

An alternative fax.

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