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Funniest Kelly Short Jokes

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  1. What's the difference between R Kelly and a Tiger? No one wants to see a tiger in a cage for the rest of its life.
  2. So John Kelly claims that the lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War... I wouldn't say that's 100% accurate, but at least 3/5ths.
  3. From now on instead of saying #1 or #2 for the bathroom I'm going to call it an R. Kelly or Amber Heard
  4. Did you know that R. Kelly wanted to be a pro hockey player? He was good at it too, but the only trouble was that he didn't want to score after the first period.
  5. Did you know r kelly had a chance to become a professional Hockey player? The only problem was.. is that he never wanted to score after the first period.
  6. I heard R Kelly is appealing his 30 year sentence. Said he is gonna try to swap it for two 15's
  7. Did you hear that Fergie and R. Kelly are collaborating on a new album? They are calling their group the Black Guy Pees.
  8. Why didn't R. Kelly catch Covid? R. Kelly would have caught Covid if it were younger. But fortunately for him. Covid is 19.
  9. R Kelly really changed the game He took the 'art' out of rap artist
  10. What's R Kelly's favorite musical key? A Minor

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Kelly One Liners

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  1. R Kelly is really changing the rap game
    He takes the art out of rap artist
  2. If R. Kelly was a computer file... He'd be a .pdf file
  3. What do you get when you cross a pervert with a pirate? AAARRRRRR Kelly
  4. Why did Kelly Clarkson cross the road? Because of you.
  5. R. Kelly has caught covid-19 though he would prefer covid-15
  6. What do you call a pirate that likes golden showers? ARRRRRRRRR Kelly
  7. R Kelly taking the art out of rap artist
  8. What does R. Kelly have in common with Malaysian Airlines? They both think they can fly.
  9. What's R. Kelly's favorite chord to play on the piano? A Minor
  10. What do you call a pirate that likes children? ARRRRGGHHHH Kelly.
  11. What do you call a pirate that pees on someone? Arrrrrrrghhh Kelly
  12. What kind of pirate pees on you? Rrrrrrrr Kelly
  13. Why should kids never have been allowed near R Kelly? Well he ain't PG13 Kelly, is he?
  14. I can't resist peeing on women. It's my R. Kelly's heel.
  15. R. Kelly has been denied bail The judge believed he was a flight risk.

R Kelly Jokes

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  • What's R Kelly's favorite chord? A Minor.
  • BREAKING NEWS! R. Kelly has… Tested positive for she-wasn't 19
  • When CBS interviewed R. Kelly, he claimed "I love my kids" However, he seems to also be in love with other people's kids as well
  • I asked R Kelly if he thought I was pretty. He said "you're an eight"
  • What do you call it when R Kelly and 21 Savage fight? Alien vs. Predator
  • What do R. Kelly and current temperatures have in common? They're both in the teens.
  • I lost a bet over what would happen to R. Kelly. He got 25 to life but I believed he would fry
  • R Kelly likes his girls like he likes his professional footballers Young, fit, and not allowed to come out.
  • What has R. Kelly done more successfully than any other musician? Using A minor
  • What is R. Kelly's favorite band? Alice In Chains.

Kelly Name Jokes

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  • Have you heard of the famous pirate who peed on underage girls? His name was Arr Kelly
  • I thought Surviving R Kelly was the name of his next album Boy was i pleasantly mistaken
  • Kelly and Ron Kelly: A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays two days, and comes back on Friday. How is this possible?
    Ron: The horse's name is Friday, right?
    Kelly: Correct, my good neigh-bor
  • There is an Asian girl at work named Kelly. It is taking everything I have not to ask her if it is pronounced Kerry.
Kelly joke, There is an Asian girl at work named Kelly. It is taking everything I have not to ask her if it is p

Kelly joke, There is an Asian girl at work named Kelly. It is taking everything I have not to ask her if it is p

Charming Humor Kelly Jokes with Loads of Fun

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What do you get if you cross a pirate and a p**...?

Arrr Kelly!

What do you call a pirate that pees on other people?

Rrrrrrrrrrrr Kelly

How does R. Kelly respond when girls ask for a rating on a ten scale?


Lucky day for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was watching the news when he witnessed something astounding. A young Syrian man had just thrown a hand grenade over 100 yards through the window of a building into a room that housed a s**.... He was so impressed that he had the man found and brought into the states to play for his team.
After a very successful rookie season the young man was discussing his rookie of the year award via telephone with his mother.
She told him that she was proud but living in fear constantly. She continued " your brother was shot twice just in the last few weeks and your sister is regularly the victim of assault. Matters have escalated and life is worse than it has ever been. I will never, ever forgive you for bringing us to Philly."

You're like an opera singer....

Cause it's all about me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-meeee ----Robert Kelly

The Fly and R Kelly

A Fly buzzes up to R Kelly and asks "Mr Kelly could you please sing me a song?"
R Kelly pauses in thought then replies "I believe I can, fly".

What do you call a p**... pirate?

Aaarrrrrrr Kelly!!

NASA's Scott Kelly is back on Earth after spending a year in space

He found out how many states Trump won and left again

I found out R. Kelly had s**... with that girl because she reminded him of his mother

He has an Oedipiss complex.

Jury awards $22 million to man locked in closet by East Cleveland police for four days with no food or toilet.

R Kelly is going to sue the East Cleveland police for copyright infringement.

What does R. Kelly tell little girls on Halloween?

u**... for a treat!

What Does Kellyanne Conway Call Her Computer's Scanner?

Alternative Fax.

What key did R. Kelly write ignition remix?

A flat minor

Astronaut Scot Kelly grew 2 inches after being in space for a year

You'd think they'd be doing more important stuff in space other than measuring their weenies.

Why can't you get out of an R. Kelly cult?

Once u**..., u**...

Is R Kelly a rapper or a r**...?

It depends how much pee is involved.

What does R Kelly call people below him?


What do you call a dog that sings?

Kelly Barckson.
(Am Belgian, sorry if this joke already existed. Came up with it while watching the Graham Norton show where she performed last week.)

What do you call a pirate who's trapped in a closet?

Arrr Kelly

R. Kelly has made a song denying any s**... misconduct charges that lasts 19 minutes.

Which is unusual because he usually insists on 18 or under.

What did R. Kelly say to the 14 year old?

u**... for a treat

Why wouldn't R. Kelly make a good blackjack dealer?

He hits on 17

Whis is R. Kelly excited by all this cold weather?

He kept hearing it was gonna be in the teens

What's the difference between a face and a toilet?

You know who else doesn't know the answer? R. Kelly!

R Kelly has been charged with s**... a**...

I guess there was something wrong with that bump and grind.

R. Kelly went from being trapped in a closet to being trapped in a courtroom.

Can't wait for the sequel, trapped in a jail cell.

Did you know R Kelly trained to be a violinist from the age of 6?

Even back then, he was an excellent kiddie fiddler

R Kelly has always been an important player for the rap game

He's the man behind the bars.

What is the difference between a pirate and R. Kelly?

Pirates go for big b**...

Who does R Kelly blame his current legal troubles on?

His body...
His mind was telling him no, but his body, his body was telling him yeeeehhhss.

What do Trump and R. Kelly have in common?

Golden Showers.

What do pirates call a r**...?

Arrr Kelly

After R Kelly gets out of prison, he decides to go apply for a job at McDonald's because it's his favorite. The interviewer asked what separates him apart from others who applied?

He said, I believe I can fryyyyyy

I asked R Kelly what was required to be in his cult

He replied "you're in"

I ran into R. Kelly while he was filling out a march madness bracket.

He was picking primarily the 14s and 15s.
Turns out he's really into #1 too.

I wonder if i could ever be half the man r kelly was...

my mind's telling me no.

What do you call a pirate s**... offender?

Rrrrrr Kelly.

Where did Kelly go after the e**...?


I heard that Kelly McGillis won't be returning for Top Gun 2. Guess which other Top Gun actor won't have a cameo in the sequel?


Kellyanne Conway did not test positive for Covid-19

She tested alternative-negative

R Kelly found guilty of 11 counts of s**... assault

Or 18, if you ask him to do the maths

Somali Pirates Can't Find Hidden Treasure Buried in 2007

A bunch of Somali pirates lost their hidden treasure. They last saw their hidden treasure in 2007. They tried everything, bloodhounds, radar, metal detectors, sonar. But they couldn't find their treasure.
One day, one of the pirates had a suggestion.
"Captain, we should break R Kelly out of prison".
The Captain said "This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard, but go ahead. why?"
"Captain, if anybody can find 15 year old b**..., it's this guy!".

Kelly hobbled in to the bar on a crutch with one arm in a cast.

My god! What happened to you?" the bartender asked.
I got in a tiff with Riley.
Riley? He's just a wee fellow" the barkeep said, surprised. "He must have had something in his hand.
That he did" Kelly said, A shovel it was.
Dear Lord. Didn't you have anything in your hand?"
Aye, that I did….Mrs. Riley's right breast" Kelly said. "And a beautiful thing it was, but not much use in a fight.

What do you call a pirate that p**...on people?

aRRRRR Kelly

Kelly joke, What do you call a pirate that p**...on people?

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