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Top 10 Funniest Keemstar Jokes and Puns

How did Keemstar kill himself?

He got right into the noose.

I would call Keemstar cancerous

But that would be offensive to cancer.

What dose a depressed keemstar say?

Leettts get riggght into the noose!

If Keemstar killed himself...

Would he get right into the noose?

Keemstar needs to get right into the


What would Keemstar be called if he was an Arab?

Killer Kareemstar

I'm a huge fan of Keemstar

I'm a huge fan of Keemstar

Keemstar joke, I'm a huge fan of Keemstar

What do you call a walking talking rat?


How spicy does Keemstar like his Nandos?

As spicy as his memes (:

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of cancer

It's called Keemstar.

How does keemstar hit on women?

At 70 mph.

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I would talk about Keemstar

but I don't think autism jokes are politically correct anymore

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