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The ultimate Dad Joke

A father, on his deathbed, with his son crying over him.
Son: "I'm so sad"
Father: "Hi sad"... leans in and whispers, I'm dead."
Keels over and dies.

A Man Walks Into A French Restaurant And Orders Fish...

The waiter brings out his order and the man begins to eat it. After about fifteen minutes, the man keels over and dies. The waiter, panicking, calls the paramedics. When they arrive, they examine the body of the deceased man.

"Well?" asks the concerned waiter "What killed this poor man?"

One of the paramedics solemnly looks into the eyes of waiter and simply replies "Poisson"

Two Ducks in the Road

Two ducks were waddling down the street in Buladean the other day when the first duck says, "Why do you suppose Jewish men get circumcised?"
To which the second duck, never having heard a talking duck before, keels over dead from the shock of it.
Nonplussed, the first duck says, "Because Jewish women like anything that's 20% off." because he wasn't going to stop for a dead duck in the road.

I miss my ex

But my aim keels improving...

One day

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