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There have been new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

He was overheard at a gas station un NJ saying, "I'd like to feel her up."

At the hearings, Kavanaugh was asked how he would prefer to cross a waist deep river, in a rowboat or simply walk across it

He said he doesn't want to give an opinion on Row Vs. Wade

I need to buy a new TV set ...

I put my foot through the screen trying to watch Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearing.

Kavanaugh joke, I need to buy a new TV set ...

I can't believe all of those women voted yes to pass Kavanaugh out of the Judiciary committee.

Well, I mean they voted no, but to Republicans that means yes.

Brett Kavanaugh has stated that he will not be pressured into withdrawing his Supreme Court bid by the allegations made against him.

He sounds like the kind of guy who just won't take 'no' for an answer.

Brett Kavanaugh is being urged to withdraw, but is refusing to.

A bit like that time in 1982.

Brett Kavanaugh: I HAD A BAD WEEK!

Lindsay Lohan: Hold my beer.

Brett Kavanaugh: THANK YOU I LOVE BEER

Kavanaugh joke, Brett Kavanaugh:  I HAD A BAD WEEK!

It's all or none for Brett Kavanaugh

He doesn't believe in plan B

The GOP have placed all their chips on Brett Kavanaugh

They don't believe in plan B

Brett Kavanaugh and Bill Cosby.

One rather pales in comparison.

A rapist and a serial sexual predator walk into a bar. The bartender says...

Hello Mr. Kavanaugh. Hello Mr. Trump.

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Worried about his Supreme Court confirmation, Brett Kavanaugh decided to unwind by ordering a 16 year old whiskey.

She refused to drink it.

Another Kavanaugh yearbook entry has surfaced that the good judge promises refers to the non-alcoholic juice they served democrats at Georgetown Prep parties.

Donkey Punch

What do you call a sword that commits sexual assault?

A Kavanaugh Katana

I'm starting a Super PAC to defend Judge Kavanaugh against these outrageous claims.

It'll be called 6PAC.

A silver lining about this Brett Kavanaugh situation

is that the phrase sober as a judge is waaaay more applicable to my life.

Kavanaugh joke, A silver lining about this Brett Kavanaugh situation

Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police for throwing ice at a guy during a bar fight in 1985

Just ice served

Did you hear about the allegations that Kavanaugh threw ice on someone?

They're calling it Frozen Watergate

Not being an alcoholic puts Kavanaugh in a hairy situation.

Apparently he loves bears.

When Kamala Harris heard that Kavanaugh threw ice in a bar in college, she turned to her staff and said

"I have been telling you America, we have to abolish ICE!"

She kept saying to me...

Get off! So I did.
Brett Kavanaugh

This year for Halloween, I'm going as Judge Kavanaugh,

And you're going as a sexy whatever-it-is-you're-going-as

Upon hearing the news he would be confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh was quoted as saying

"I think I'll jump in my Ford and go for a long drive"

Hey, did you hear the new evidence for the Kavanaugh allegation?

Ya, me neither.

Don't worry you Americans about Brett Kavanaugh

If it wasn't a legitimate rape, the Senate has ways to shut him down.

Kavanaugh is sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice

Not the first time he's gotten off.

Interview with a vampire

Interviewer: How do you know a woman gave you consent to boof her?
Brett Kavanaugh: When she accepted the roofied drink from my hand.

A rapist, a drunk, and a pathological liar walks into a bar

The bartender says, "the usual, Mr. Kavanaugh?"

There is only 1 person drinking Conor McGregors Proper 12 whiskey...

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

It's hardly surprising that 48 'no's couldn't stop Kavanaugh yesterday.

They didn't stop him in 1983 either.

Kavanaugh getting nominated has been a joint effort from all demographics

White men over 60, white men over 70...

It's hard to believe Brett Kavanaugh is a judge.

It sounds like the guy's never been able to pass a bar in his life.

Judge Kavanaugh won in the senate with a vote of 48 yes's to 50 no's.

That's the most yes's he's ever gotten.

The witnesses who were there

They say it didnt happen.

-Brett Kavanaugh

The FBI Kavanaugh investigation.

I got this from one of his classmates.

Joke: A sexual harasser and a sexual assaulter walk into a bar...

Ohhh wait sorry, that's just Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh walking into the Supreme Court.

What's the difference between Kavanaugh and a therapist?

One has a space after "the" and the other one doesn't.

My opinions on the Brett Kavanaugh topic is one that I think most of you can agree with.

He's an all-right guy

What would be the first words of Kavanaugh and Osama Bin Ladens child?

Allahu-Alike Beer

Is Brett Kavanaugh hard of hearing or something?

Everytime he hears a testimony, he just keeps asking, "Pardon? Pardon?"


I'm going to be brett kavanaugh for Halloween so even the houses that don't have candy can give me candy.

Because I can't take no for an answer

Why are horses smarter than the U.S. Senate?

Because Kavanaugh would get a Nay...

What did the Christmas ghost say to judge Brett kavanaugh?


The only thing more blacked out than Brett Kavanaugh on a school night

Is Michael Flynn's sentencing memo

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