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What does Hurricane Katrina and Kim Kardashian have in common?

They have both swallowed hundreds of black kids :)

I used to live in New Orleans till Katrina took everything I had.

Sometimes I wish she'd stayed in Latvia.

Katrina Hit me hard, Wrecked my house, threw all of my possessions around and flooded my basement,

But I still think those jeans made her look fat.

Who is New Orleans's least favorite band?

Katrina and the Waves

What's the least popular band in New Orleans?

Katrina and the Waves.

One of Trump's advisors ran up to him and asked in a panic what to do about Hurricane Katrina...

Trump said: "Give her the same deal we gave Stormy Daniels."

Why did so many black people die in Hurricane Katrina? (disclaimer: a tad racist)

Because surviving involved swimming.

Hurricane Katrina?

More like Hurricane Tortilla

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