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"Your next spelling word is: beheaded."

Can you use it in a sentence please?
"Sure, Kathy Griffin beheaded to the unemployment office."

The best method of passive aggressiveness is simply to include the person's name at the end of your sentence,


I went to Home Depot and a guy walked up and asked,

"Can I help you with anything?" I said, "I'm looking to buy a table saw." He said "Do you have a particular model in mind?" and I said, "Well yeah, Kathy Ireland, but for now let's talk about a table saw."

Danny and Kathy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage...

Then comes watching your child slowly die because you were too upper middle class to vaccinate them.

When Kathy Griffin was 10 years old, she stood up at the dinner table and announced to her family that she was going to grow up and become a stand-up comedian. They all laughed in her face.

No one is laughing now.

If the comic s**... Kathy were to be adapted into a TV show, which actor would play Irving, her love interest?

I'm not sure, but it would have to be a Huge Ack-man.

What is Kathy Durant's favorite song?

Stairway to heaven.

What is Kathy Bates favorite state?


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