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It's been a week since Kate s**...'s death and I still cannot believe it.

I guess you never really know what kind of baggage people are dealing with.

I was shocked when I saw the photos of Kate s**... hanging

I was shocked when I saw the photos of Kate s**... hanging....
On the wall in my uncles living room. I didn't know they used to be friends.

What did Kate s**... say to Anthony Bourdain when he propositioned her for s**...?

Not in this lifetime.

We all should have seen the writing on the wall for Kate s**....

She just had so much baggage.

Did you hear about the new Kate s**... bag?

They call it the body bag.

It's official!

The new Kate s**... neck ties ARE the hot accssory of the season!

Kate s**...'s stocks are going through the roof!

News got out that her scarves are to die for.

Kate s**... just committed s**...... these bags will finally be worth something

Kate s**... hung herself with a scarf today but at least she died doing what she loved


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