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Why isn't Hitler in Mario Kart?

Because he cant finish a race

My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday.

She said she was tired of the abuse, and couldn't take it anymore.

She's the one who wanted to play Mario Kart.

My son is in hospital because of one little driving mistake...

He beat me at Mario Kart.

Which course did Hillary Clinton select when playing Mario Kart?

The short circuit

I beat my wife every day

At Mario kart

After working out for over a year, I successfully dated several girls who always jumped on my couch, saying 'do whatever you want with me'.

But unfortunately none of them liked Mario Kart. :(

Maybe all the people saying "impeach Trump" just don't want him to steal their favorite Mario Kart character.

I'm Peach, Trump

Did Stephen hawking have a donor card?

I need some parts for my go kart.

What's the most embarrassing level on Mario Kart?

Shy Guy Falls

What happens when Mario parks his kart illegally?

It gets Toad.

Why doesn't Hitler like Mario Kart?

Because he could never finish a race.

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