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Why isn't h**... in Mario Kart?

Because he cant finish a race

Why couldn't Mario find his kart?

It was Toad...

Should I beat my kids?

I know I'm not supposed to, but they just make me so frustrated

My wife says I'm being irrational and getting wound up over nothing, and that if I beat them she'll be incredibly upset and won't even know what to say to me.

But you know when it's just the same stuff day in, day out. And with the lockdown in place we can't get out the house either, which doesn't help the situation

Anyway, I just really wanted some advice before I take drastic measures, because I'd really like to enjoy playing Mario Kart normally again without letting them beat me

My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday.

She said she was tired of the a**..., and couldn't take it anymore.

She's the one who wanted to play Mario Kart.

My son is in hospital because of one little driving mistake...

He beat me at Mario Kart.

Which course did Hillary Clinton select when playing Mario Kart?

The short circuit

what did mario kart do when it got hungry

mario kart 8

Kart joke, what did mario kart do when it got hungry

My wife doesn't understand why I prefer to play Mario Kart over having relations with her

In Mario Kart, it is a GOOD thing when I finish first

FPS has many different meanings

60 FPS is great in Mario kart
But there's 1 FPS at my school

After working out for over a year, I successfully dated several girls who always jumped on my couch, saying 'do whatever you want with me'.

But unfortunately none of them liked Mario Kart. :(

I beat my wife every day

At Mario kart

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Did Stephen hawking have a donor card?

I need some parts for my go kart.

What's the most embarrassing level on Mario Kart?

Shy Guy Falls

What happens when Mario parks his kart illegally?

It gets Toad.

Maybe all the people saying "impeach Trump" just don't want him to steal their favorite Mario Kart character.

I'm Peach, Trump

Why doesn't h**... like Mario Kart?

Because he could never finish a race.

Kart joke, Why doesn't h**... like Mario Kart?

My dad beats me almost every day

It's like he's addicted to Mario Kart

I beat my dog everyday

in Mario Kart

Driving is like Mario kart

But instead of turtle shells it's speed limits and people

Fun fact

when a person comes second in mario kart they can feel twice the pain of a woman giving birth

What do Mario Kart and the West Bank have in common?

Checkpoint! Checkpoint!

Checkpoint! Checkpoint!

Checkpoint! Checkpoint!

Why do Palestinians hate playing Mario Kart?





Which payment type would mario choose for his order?

Mario Kart

I challenged my school's janitor to a game of Mario kart...

Last night I discovered the dangers of drunk driving...

...when I played Mario Kart on rainbow road after shotgunning 6 beers

What's a member of ISIS's favorite game?

Mario Kart: Double Daesh!!

Kart joke, What's a member of ISIS's favorite game?

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