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George W. Bush and Karl Rove are talking...

Karl Rove walks into the Oval Office and says "Mr. President, I have some bad news. Four Brazilian soldiers died yesterday in Iraq" The president buries his head in his hands, crying "no! No! No! That's awful, that's terrible...." He pauses, collects himself, and says "wait.... How many is a Brazilian?"

Why does Karl Marx only drink herbal tea?

Because proper tea is theft!

Miley Cyrus's VMA preformance...

Was so classless Karl Marx came in his grave

Karl joke, Miley Cyrus's VMA preformance...

Why was Karl Marx against Chinese mutes?

Because he hated the Bù shuō!

What did Karl Marx put on his noodles?

Communist Manipesto

Why does Karl Marx's toilet play music every time you flush it?

Because of the violins inherent in the cistern.

Why did Karl Marx like going to continental Europe so much?

Because they did not have proper tea.

Karl joke, Why did Karl Marx like going to continental Europe so much?

Why does Karl Marx hate earl grey?

Because all proper tea is theft.

Karl Marx walks into a bar

The punchline gets progressively better over time

Which kid?

Wife: Honey, i think you don't love our kids equally. It seems you have one that gets less love from you.

Husband: Really? Which kid do you mean? Karl, Tina or the fat one

Two whales walk into a bar...

The first whale says oooOOOOoOooOOoOoooOOOOoOoOOOooooOo

The second whale says: "Karl you're drunk!"

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Why was Karl Marx arrested for brewing a cup of Earl Grey?

Because all proper tea is theft.

Hey girl is your name Karl Marx?

Cuz you're starting an uprising in my lower classes

Why does Karl Marx not take milk in his tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

There's a Russian gay couple...

One of them is called Vladislav, the other is called Karl. After happily loving each other for a fair few years, Karl discovers Vladislav is having an affair with Vladimir.

Devastated, Karl gets onto his knees in front of Vladislav and bellows:

"VLADISLAV? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!"

I visited Karl Marx's grave in London yesterday.

It was just another Communist plot.

Karl joke, I visited Karl Marx's grave in London yesterday.

Why does Karl Marx like stormy days?

There are no classes.

What's the difference between Karl Marx and Donald Trump?

Trump only advocates the seizing of a *woman's* means of production

Karl Marx College is a total scam

there aren't even any classes!

I was thinking about going to the grave of Karl Marx

But then I heard it was just another communist plot.

If Karl Marx made a contraceptive company

Would it's slogan be seize the means of reproduction?

What do you call a communist dog?

Karl Barx

Shout-out to "Matt & Tom" for that 😊

Why didn't Karl Marx drink Earl Gray?

All proper tea is theft.

Who's your favourite fantasy author?

Mine is Karl Marx

A communist, like Karl Marx, says to seize the means of production...

Capitalist Donald Trump however, prefers to seize the means of reproduction.

Hear about the famous Philosopher Karl?

He died Jung

Apparently Karl Marx didn't like JOKES....

Edit-oops bad..he just didn't like them capitalized.

Why did Karl Marx drink mint tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

Why does Karl Marx write in lowercase?

He hates capitalism

Karl Marx's Grave

It's just a Communist plot

Why did karl marx always spell his name in lowercase letters?

Because he wanted to abolish all forms of capital

Karl Marx is a historically famous philosopher,

however no one ever mentions his sister, Onya, the inventor of the starting pistol...

Get set.....

Karl Marx is a historically famous philosopher, but no one ever mentions his sister, Onya, the inventor of the starting pistol...

Karl Marx

Karl Marx ia a historically famous philosopher but no one ever mentions his sister and brother: Onya, the inventor of the starting pistol, and Skid, who was generally unpopular.

Everyone knows the famous communist Karl Marx.

But I bet you never knew the inventor of the starter pistol was his sister, Onya.

Today I found out Karl Marx's sister invented the starting pistol

Her name was Onya

Have you heard of Karl Marx's sister, Anya Marx?

She invented the starting pistol

Why was Karl Marx buried at Highgate Cemetery?

Because he was dead.

Little Karl was with his grandma in a supermarket

Little Karl yelled to his grandma: Granny, I need to pee!

Grandma replied: We are in a public place, don't say you need to pee, say something nice, say you need to sing.

Later, when grandma was sleeping, Little Karl went to grandmas room and woke her: Granny, I need to sing!

Grandma: It's midnight, you can't sing now.

Little Karl: But I need to sing really bad!

Grandma: Well ok then. Sing quietly to grannys ear.

Karl Marx is a historical figure but nobody mentions his sister Onya, who invented the starting pistol

Not mine

Everyone has heard of the historical figure, Karl Marx.

But no one remembers his sister, Onya, who invented the starting pistol.

Everyone has heard of Karl Marx, but no one remembers his sister, Onya…

…who invented the starting pistol.

Karl Marx is historically famous, but no one ever mentions his sister Onya and her contribution.

She invented the starting pistol.

Karl Marx walks into a bar and asks who owns this joint?

Please finish this joke for me

Two German explorers

Two German explorers were making their way east across New York when they came to a wide river.

Karl: How vill vee get across dee large body of vater?

The other explorer sees a large, steel object north of them.

Heinrich: Look der es und structure dat vee can use to cross

Karl and Heinrich make their way across and into the land know as upstate New York. Karl gets to the other side but notices that his companion is still behind. Karl also notices that he is continuously poking his finger on the object they just crossed.

Karl: Heinrich, vat are you doing?

Heinrich: I'm Tappan Zee Bridge

I was disappointed that my sister started dating a guy who praised Stalin, idolized Karl Marx, and was working to form a union at work

I don't know she missed all the red flags

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