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How many Kardashians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One, but it just lays there while Ray J does all the work.

How do the Kardashians change a broken light bulb

They buy a new house

New human-like species discovered in South Africa.

Kardashians can't catch a break on a vacation even in Namibia.

What do a ghost family and the Kardashians have in common?

They both have Transparents.

I stopped trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

I'm too out of shape.

What's the Difference Between America and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"?

I don't even know at this point...

Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

Because they can't accept the failure - Kardashians are still alive

Kardashians joke, Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

What would the Kardashians wear to dismantle a billboard?

De-signer clothes

The Kardashians are all in a rocket set to launch, you can press a button to stop the launch.

Would you order a cheese or pepperoni pizza?

Shout out to the Kardashians,

Who are undoubtedly having a tough time deciding what to get their father for Mother's Day.

Make fun of Kim Kardashians baby name choice for 'North West' if you want...

But that child is going straight to the top...

And slightly to the left...

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I was flipping through my TV Guide and I saw a show called "Die Kardashians". I thought I had found a new favorite TV show...

Then I realized the channel was in German.

The Kardashians and Palm Trees are similar

They look good in pictures, but what's their purpose?

Why would we need to keep up with the Kardashians?

We're already way ahead of them.

An alien walks into a human brain shop

Vendor: Welcome, unfortunately we are very limited on brains right now and there are only 2 available.

Alien: I'll take a look.

Vendor: Well, here's the brain of Albert Einstein. He was very intelligent and was the reason behind much of human science. This is priced at $2. Here is the brain of someone who has watched every single "Keeping up with the Kardashians" episodes ever. It's listed at $200.

Alien: Woah, you're trying to rip me off. Why is the brain of someone that dumb worth so much?

Vendor: Simple, because this brain hasn't been used before.

What do male deer and the Kardashians have in common?

Every year, they get a new rack

Kardashians joke, What do male deer and the Kardashians have in common?

My friend told me the Kardashians had big butts.

I called him out for the assumption.

What did Santa say when he delivered presents at the Kardashians?

h**... h**... h**...!

I'm sorry I need help.

How many Kardashians does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. One to hold the bulb and then the world revolves around them.

Which store do the Kardashians put most of their time and energy into?


What's hot dense but ever expanding?

The Kardashians

Why is it i**... for the Kardashians to go swimming?

Because throwing plastic in the ocean is a crime.

What's the difference between the ocean and the Kardashians?

There's less plastic in the ocean.

The kardashians shouldn't be allowed to swim

We don't need even more plastic in the ocean

Egyptian babies didn't know that one day their daddy would become a mummy

Neither did the kardashians

Every time the kardashians go to the beach

The amount of plastic in the ocean doubles

Kardashians joke, Every time the kardashians go to the beach

What did Santa say when he dropped down the chimney at the kardashians?

h**... h**... h**...!

When the Kardashians die, they won't be buried or cremated.

They'll be recycled.

The Kardashians go for a swim in the pacific ocean

The percentage of plastic in the ocean increases by 400%.

Why can't the Kardashians swim at the beach?

Because plastic is bad for the ocean.

As the Kardashians celebrate their 20th and final season...

I would LOVE to congratulate myself for never watching a single episode.

What do the Egyptians and Kardashians have in common?

Their daddies became mummies

I hope the Kardashians don't go to the beach this year.

All we need is more plastic in the ocean.

It was smart to use Khloe Kardashian in those ads for migraine medication.

I know that not all people that have migraines watch the Kardashians, but everyone who watches the Kardashians has migraines.

What do the Kardashians and the beach have in common ?

The both contain a bunch of plastic.

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