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[All credit to Ana Kasparian from the TYT Network] So, I heard Kim Kardashian is having Kanye West's baby...

At least she let him finish.

How many Kardashians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

One, but it just lays there while Ray J does all the work.

How did Kanye West ask Kim Kardashian to marry him ??

"will i marry you?"

Kardashian joke, How did Kanye West ask Kim Kardashian to marry him ??

So far, more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola.

And the Ebola victims suffered less.

Has Kim Kardashian Broken The Internet?

I'm not sure if Kim Kardashian has actually managed to 'break the internet', but she's certainly put a big crack in it!

Whats Kim Kardashian and the Middle East got in common?

Both are covered in oil, huge, and been invaded by the West.

What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and a homeless man who works at McDonalds?

One of those greasy bums is making a lot more money.

Kardashian joke, What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and a homeless man who works at McDonalds?

After seeing the Kim Kardashian cover of Paper Magazine, Sir Mix-a-lot, reportedly tipped his hat, muttered that his work here was done and rocketed into space to return to his home planet


Kim Kardashian as First Lady

How is Kim Kardashian similar to dough?

Both are very kneady.

Also yeast, lots of yeast.

What do Kim Kardashian and Hurricane Sandy have in common?

They will both blow the entire east coast just to get on TV.

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What do Kim Kardashian and her dad have in common?

They both got famous for getting a black man off.

The Kardashian Family motto:

Getting black men off since the OJ trial.

You know what was the biggest travesty to come out of the OJ Simpson Murder Trial?

It made Kardashian a house-hold name.

Robert Kardashian taught Kim an important lesson.

You can become famous if you help a black guy get off.

Kim Kardashian arrives in India for the first time, she walks out of the airport, and to her surprise, everyone on the streets stops, turns towards her, and kneels in humility and reverence

Little did she know, they worship cows over there!

Kardashian joke, Kim Kardashian arrives in India for the first time, she walks out of the airport, and to her surpris

What's the difference between the Titanic and Kim Kardashian?

The number of people who rode the Titanic is known.

Why couldn't Kim Kardashian see Caitlyn Jenner?

Because she was trans-parent.

Kim Kardashian...

Kim Kardashian was kidnapped and held at gun point, it took some time but they finally got a few million dollars together to get rid of her....

Kim Kardashian getting 6 million dollars stolen is a lot like if I got the condom that's been in my wallet since I was 12 stolen...

Am I gonna miss it? Yeah.
Was I gonna use it? No.

What does Hurricane Katrina and Kim Kardashian have in common?

They have both swallowed hundreds of black kids :)

Kim Kardashian, Pitbull and Amy Schumer walk into a bar.

They set it lower.

The Kardashians are all in a rocket set to launch, you can press a button to stop the launch.

Would you order a cheese or pepperoni pizza?

Just had a coffee and it was so black and rich,

a Kardashian just tried to sleep with it.

How long could a Kardashian survive in the wild?

Forever. Plastic is not biodegradable.

What does Kim Kardashian use to fix holes?


Richard Spencer is the Kim Kardashian of the alt-right...

I have no idea why he's famous and I only know his name because some dude pounded him on video.

When Kim Kardashian dies...

Will she be put in a grave or melted along with the rest of the plastic?

What do Kim Kardashian and a police siren have in common?

They get turned on when black guys are around.

Kylie Jenner just named her newborn baby daughter Stormi

I think the Kardashian family is trying to have a weather forecast for her kids, because it's going to be Stormi in North West Chicago with a chance of Reign.

If Robert Kardashian hadn't gotten OJ off,

eventually one of his daughters would have.

What's the difference between Los Angeles and Kim Kardashian?

One is a dirty, washed-up place many great men have visited. The other one is a city in California.

Why did Donald Trump invite Kim Kardashian to talk about prison reform?

Because she's had more black dudes in her than a jail.

Why would we need to keep up with the Kardashians?

We're already way ahead of them.

I don't get why so many people want to date a Kardashian

If I wanted to date a plastic chick I'd get a sex doll

I hope that when Kim Kardashian goes to the beach, she doesn't swim.

The last thing we need is more plastic in the ocean.

Why can a Kardashian never drown?

They're always way too shallow.

What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and the moon?

You actually have to put in some effort to see the moon's backside.

How can you get paid to do nothing?

Change your last name to kardashian.

Whats the difference between an ancient Egyptian Prince and a Kardashian?

The Egyptian knew from the start that their daddy would become a mummy.

What is it called when a Kardashian falls into the sea?


Why isn't Kim Kardashian allowed to swim on the beach?

Because there is already enough plastic in the ocean.

The kardashians shouldn't be allowed to swim

We don't need even more plastic in the ocean

What do Phil Swift and Kim Kardashian have in common?

They're only famous because of a tape.

What does a pirate say when he gets close to shore and sees a kardashian?

Land Ho!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing.

After naming their kids after directions they're the ones going south.

How did Kim Kardashian tell her kid about her upcoming divorce with Kanye?

North, things between West and I have gone South.

When you wake up and think life sucks.

But at least my name is not North Kardashian West

When the Kardashians die, they won't be buried or cremated.

They'll be recycled.

The Kardashians go for a swim in the pacific ocean

The percentage of plastic in the ocean increases by 400%.

What do you call the Kardashian family taking a swim in the ocean?


Why can't the Kardashians swim at the beach?

Because plastic is bad for the ocean.

As the Kardashians celebrate their 20th and final season...

I would LOVE to congratulate myself for never watching a single episode.

What do Kim Kardashian and drug smugglers have in common?

False bottoms

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