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I know Karate...

...And like two other Japanese words.

How does the Karate Kid pleasure himself?

Wax off

The karate student kept killing all his teachers...

I guess he became desenseitized

Karat joke, The karate student kept killing all his teachers...

What does the karate kid do in his free time?

He wax off

I know karate, judo, jujitsu...

And a few more Japanese words.

Karate student to his master: "Master Akira, why do asians all look the same?

"I am not Master Akira"

I came last in a karate competition yesterday

I was kicking myself!

Karat joke, I came last in a karate competition yesterday

I have a karate addiction

But I'm about to kick it

I used to think my Karate instructor was very wise.

However, yesterday my pregnant neighbour Mrs. Wong and her husband rushed to hospital.

When they came back today they had the baby with them so I figured I'd go say hi.

Strangest thing! The baby is Caucasian!

I couldn't believe my eyes, this whole time my instructor had been lying to me; two Wongs DO make a white!

Have you seen the new karate opera?

Critics are calling it sensei-tional.

My karate teacher wore lipstick to class

He looked senseitional

...edit- but sadly his own master wouldn't talk to him. It was a sensei shun.

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is the ancient Japanese art of getting people to buy lots of belts.

A karate instructor was arrested after leaving the store

He was charged with chop lifting

Do you take karate?

Because your breath is kickin'

My karate teacher insited I learnt mantis style

I learnt panda style instead

came back with two black eyes

Have you ever seen the karate kid backwards?

It's a movie about a karate champ that slowly becomes more and more of a oudsy until he finally moved back to Jersey.

Karat joke, Have you ever seen the karate kid backwards?

Ted Bundy gave me a 24 karat ring...

Thanks for the gold, kind strangler!

A Karate master teaches his students how to break a piece of wood

He points his finger to the center of the board and tells his students, "This is the punch line"


And fifteen other cool words

Why are karate instructors the worst party guests?

They always show up empty handed.

What's a karate experts favourite beverage?



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