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I tried to come up with a pun about famous German philosophers...

but I Kant.

German philosophy professor arrive to Australia

Professor: Today we'll study Kant

Student: Ok, mate, so what we will study?

I'd really love to study Philosophy...

But I Kant.

Socrates: To be is to do. Kant: To do is to be.

s**... Doo: Do be do be do.

What did an Australian philosopher say to the German philosopher?

Oi Kant

Why don't Deontologists lie, cheat, steal or kill?


They just Kant.

why did the philosopher not do well in his french test?

because he Kant speak french :D

Kant joke, why did the philosopher not do well in his french test?

What did the Prussian philosopher say when he was asked to teach religion ?

I Kant

Well now that Nietzsche won the prize for Best German Philosopher...

Immanuel Kant.

Ok I have a Scottish joke: Sam Wanamaker, Immanuel Kant. Sammy Cahn…

… but Walt Disney.

I was going to tell a joke about 18th century philosophers...

But I just Kant.

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A few months ago, a time traveller ran up to someone and shouts "I need you to say the 9th letter of the alphabet and the German founder of the philosophical doctrine of transcendental idealism, or the world will fall into chaos!"

...I Kant

Can you imagine referring to philosophers by their first initial and last name?

Because I Kant.

What did Hannibal Lecter say to the philosophy professor after the lecture?

I can smell your Kant.

What do you call a mean philosopher?

A kant

Have you seen the entitled philosopher preaching outside the women's dorm today?

What a Kant.

Kant joke, Have you seen the entitled philosopher preaching outside the women's dorm today?

What most philosophers can...

Emmanuel Kant.

What did the philosophy major say when asked can you recommend a philosopher who wrote on how to treat his fellow man?

I. Kant

If everyone did things like you do, would the world be a better place?

Guess it Kant be helped

I want to stop philosophizing

But I kant

I was trying to think of a good philosopher pun

...but I Kant

Why does the philosopher have an automatic car..?

Because he Kant drive Immanuel.

I thought I could finish this philosophy essay...

...Turns out I Kant.

What is Australias favourite philosopher?


Immanuel doesn't pun,

he Kant.

What did Immanuel Kant once say?

My name is Kant but my personality isn't.

Kant joke, What did Immanuel Kant once say?

I anonymously send my friends quotes from Voltaire, Kant and Rousseau...

... someday I'll Enlighten them

Two philosophers walk into a bar, sit down, order a round of beers, and start playing poker.

I Kant tell you the rest; it just wasn't in Descartes.

I'm so bad at philosophy....

.....I Kant even

Does anyone if there are any German philosophers?

I Kant think of any.

What did the American philosopher say upon entering a stick shift car?

Immanuel Kant

What did the blonde philosophy major say when she got upset?

I Kant even.

I once met a comedian named Dessie Kant.

Her humor was a little dry.

Is your first name Immanuel?

Because you do look like a Kant.

I met this o**... who thought killing someone to save many is still wrong.

God, what a Kant.

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