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The Best Kangaroos Puns

A kangaroo walks into a bar

A kangaroo walks into a bar and orders a beer. He pays with a twenty and the bartender figures, "What does a kangaroo know about money?" gives him a single in change.

Then his curiosity gets the better of him. "You know," he says to the kangaroo, "we don't get a lot of kangaroos in this place."

The kangaroo replies sourly, "Yeah, and at $19 for a beer, you won't be getting many more."

What do you call a prison full of kangaroos?


Why do kangaroos hate rainy days?

Because the kids have to play inside.

What's something a kangaroo has that no other animal has?

Baby kangaroos.

Two kangaroos are in the bathtub. cuz why not

One kangaroo says, "Pass the soap."
The other kangaroo says, "No soap...radio!"

Why do kangaroos hate rainy days?

The kids have to play inside.

Why do mother kangaroos hate it when it rains?

Because the kids have to play inside

What music to kangaroos like??

Hip hop!!!!

What do you call it when four kangaroos have sex?

A kangbang

A man walks into an Australian pet store,

He asks the bloke behind the counter "where do you keep the kangaroos mate?"

The bloke replies, "outback."

People are like kangaroos

They die when they get shot

Who has better beer: Rabbits or Kangaroos?

Kanagaroos. While they both do great with the hops, Kangaroos just have a little more kick!

Why are Kangaroos only qualified to be teachers?

Because they're Kangurus

What do you call a group of kangaroos?

A Kangacrew

Female Kangaroos have three vaginas...

Female Kangaroos have three vaginas. Confused? So are the males!

Why do kangaroos mate at a young age?

Because they can't reach their dicks.

Two Kangaroos Talking...

One says to the other, I hope it doesn't rain today, I hate it when the kids play inside.

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