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What did h**... call his recliner?

Mein Kampf-y Chair.

What did h**... call his favorite piece of furniture?

Mein Kampfy Chair

Did you hear about the scarf that Eva Braun knitted for h**...?

He said it was kampfy and that he reiched it a lot, but that it could have used fuhrer stitches.

What did h**... name his mattress?

Mein Kampfy

What did h**... say when he was asked where he would like to sit?

He said "Mein Kampfy chair."

Did you know h**... tried to get into carpentry?

He even published a book, Mein Kampfy Chair
Apparently it never took off because he had a thing against screws.

Why did h**... prefer pajamas more than suits

Cause they are more kampfy

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