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I just finished reading Mein Kampf...

Pretty good for light reading, I rate it nein out of ten.

What does Hitler call the area around his tent?

Mein Kampf

A little known fact about Hitler was that he was an amateur Chinese chef

He wrote a best selling cookbook, Chow Mein Kampf.

Kampf joke, A little known fact about Hitler was that he was an amateur Chinese chef

What's Hitler's favorite chinese dish?

Chow Mein Kampf

A German optimist wanted to write a book to cheer his friends up

It was entitled "Nein Kampf"

A couple of gentlemen were sitting by the pool at a nudist colony. One of them was reading "Mein Kampf". "Have you read Marx too?", asks one.

"Yes", replies the other, "but I think it's the wicker chairs.".

What is the communist version of Mein Kampf?

Our Kampf

I came up with this at lunch when my friends and I were talking and I thought it was good.

Kampf joke, What is the communist version of Mein Kampf?

I wonder what they called Hitler's autobiography in Zootopia...

Maybe Lion Kampf?

What is the most watched video game on Youtube in Germany?

Mien Kampf

Did you hear what happened to the latest edition of Mein Kampf?

They changed the title to 'The Art of the Deal'

What did Hitler say from heaven when the Russians took over Auschwitz

Stop it that's Mein Kampf!

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What was Soviets' response to "Mein Kampf"?

Our Kampf.

What did the sad German Shepherd name his autobiography?

Wein Kampf

I've been learning German for a week..

Let's just say it's been mein kampf

What's Hitler's favourite food?

Chow Mein Kampf

How to finish a race on time?

Advise credits: mein kampf

Kampf joke, How to finish a race on time?

Why do so many Trumpies end up playing Minecraft?

They were looking for Mein Kampf and got misdirected.

Why did Hitler struggle to eat his Chinese food?

Because he ordered the chow mein Kampf.

Did you hear about the German republication of Mein Kampf?

It's causing a lot of FΓΌhrer.

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