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  1. I told my wife to make sure the coconut oil is mixed nicely with the kale so I can easily scrape it into the garbage.
  2. A vegetable joke: One day, Mr. Lettuce and Ms. Kale got into a fight over who wears green better. Ms. Kale looks at Mr. Lettuce and says, "I will kale you" and Mr. Lettuce says, "Lettuce fight"
  3. Why should you cook kale in coconut oil? Makes it easier to slide it right into the trash.
  4. What does the kale farmer say to the meat farmer? Hi.
    (Original joke from my 10-year-old son).
  5. Protip: If you stir some coconut oil into your kale It makes it easier to scrape into the trash
  6. Whenever my wife makes kale, I season it with a nice garlic-infused honey. It makes it easier to scrape into the garbage.
  7. I have now survived 21,364 days and 13 hours without using essential oils or eating kale. Thank you for your prayers and support during these trying times.
  8. Why do people always put coconut oil on kale? So it's easier for it to slide into the bin.
  9. What do you call a dinosaur who only eats kale, broccoli, and cauliflower? A cruciferous rex!
  10. If you drink 2 glasses of Kale juice daily, it will destroy your belly fat and Your desire to live too.

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Kale One Liners

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  1. Kale. I prefer mine with a silent "K"
  2. Just started my Vegan diet. They're a bit chewy, but better than kale.
  3. What do vegan white nationalists chant at rallies? Sieg-Kale, Sieg-Kale!
  4. I dunno why people say hurtful things like... "Wanna go for a run?"
    or "Try this kale."
  5. What did the homicidal vegetarian say? I would kale for some salad.
  6. Told my Vegan Friend to stop with the Puns. He said oh kale no
  7. What did the two stars of Good Burger name their vegan cooking show? Quinoa and Kale!
  8. What's a white supremacist's favorite leafy green? K-K-Kale
  9. I love kale... Just as long as the K is silent.
  10. Why kale green? It's not if you're colorblind.
  11. I used to be healthy, but... I just don't kale anymore.
  12. How does a vegan respond to a date request?? Sure, I'll kale you later this week....
  13. What do you call a salad that can DJ? DJ KALED
  14. What type of Kale is the most dangerous? Kale'Thuzad
    Credit to : Scurrvveeee
  15. What do you call a hunter that preys only upon vegetables??? Kale-mer Fudd

Kale joke, What do you call a hunter that preys only upon vegetables???

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A dispute between two vegans at green grocers shop turned violent when one of them started throwing a leaf vegetable with somewhat jagged leaves at the other! The second vegan responded by picking them up and hurling them back!

It was either kale or be kaled.

What is a n**...'s favorite vegetable?

Ze kale

What do you call it when you put kale, spinach and romaine together?

A spinage à t**....

Kale joke, I used to be healthy, but...

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