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A man goes to buy his wife a car...

The salesman ask him "why don't you buy her a Kaiser and surprise her?"

The man rejects the idea, so the salesman says "why don't you buy her a Fraiser and amaze her?"

The man thinks for a second, and says "nah, I'll just buy her a Tucker."

I started eating kaiser bread instead of croissants after my work promotion

Everyone's trying to butter me up now with my new roll

If the n**... had won WWII and set up the Thousand Year r**..., what would they have called their leader?

*The Kaiser Permanente*

What did the German Kaiser roll say to the French baguette?

*Gluten tag*

During WW1 Switzerland had 250 000 soldiers

The German Kaiser asked the Swiss ambassador in Berlin: "What would Switzerland do if I invaded with 500 000 soldiers?"

The ambassador replied: "Shoot twice and go home."

Just got a Wilhelm II commemorative tea set.

Now I can drink out of my Kaiser Tea Cup, on my Kaiser Saucer...

What do you get Kaiser Wilhelm II for Father' 's Day?

Homemade waffles.

What do you call a roll that doesn't move?

kaiser Permanente

Why did h**... want to rise in power?

Because he wanted a Kaiser roll.

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