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I'm not surprised Nike's stock fell after the Colin Kaepernick ad

They should have picked a more stand-up guy.

What does the NFL season and the national anthem have in common?

Kaepernick is gonna sit through them both.

Hey girl, is your name Colin Kaepernick?

Cause I got a feeling I'm gonna see you on one or more knees tonight.

How is Colin Kaepernick like Al Bundy?

They both s**... at Football and then moved on to sell shoes

I got my wife a Colin Kaepernick jersey

So she's spend more time on her knees


What do Colin Kaepernick and Tonya Harding have in common?

Both of them are famous for taking a knee.

Apparently Colin Kaepernick is pursuing a career in comedy

He's landed some acting roles but he can't do stand-up.

Kaepernick joke, Apparently Colin Kaepernick is pursuing a career in comedy

Fergie sang that anthem so bad

Kaepernick stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that

Why did Colin Kaepernick take a knee before each NFL game?

He never had the opportunity to kneel during games

At first I wondered why Colin Kaepernick would risk his career by disappointing so many of his fans…

…then I realized he plays for the 49ers - their fans are used to disappointment.

Nike names the first Kaepernick shoe...

The Kneel Armstrong - inscription on the sole (to be viewed while kneeling of course), that's one small kneel for man, one giant kneel for mankind .

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Fergie's rendition of the national anthem was so bad.......

that even Colin Kaepernick had to stand up and walk out on this one.

What do Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump have in common?

They both had failing careers before they decided to get into politics.

How did the NY Giants salute Colin Kaepernick in 2017?

By taking a knee for the entire season.

I pulled a Kaepernick at work today...

I had to call in

I heard Alex Smith is going to take a knee with Kaepernick

Word is, he can't stand to play football anymore

Kaepernick joke, I heard Alex Smith is going to take a knee with Kaepernick

What is the only type of water Collin Kaepernick drinks?


I miss Sears:(

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are feuding, and Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike. White people havent been this stressed since Sears closed.

I heard Tanya Harding is suing Colin Kaepernick.

She thinks he stole her idea to take a knee.

I finally understand why Colin Kaepernick didn't vote!

He doesn't like *standing* in-line.

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