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What do you call a guy named James who smokes e-cigs and works at a prison?

Jim the Juul Man Jailor

If you were to rob a vape shop,

Could you call it a juul heist?

What do you call someone who robs vape shops?

A Juul thief.

You know Juul was founded in 2015...

So some of you need to stop hitting 5 year olds.

What did the electronic cigarette tell Congress?

"Juul never get rid of me."

The flavored juul ban is unconstitutional.

Drugs kill. Weapons kill. Therefore, drugs are weapons.

When you want your Juul diamond encrusted where do you go ?

The Juulers of course.

Juul joke, When you want your Juul diamond encrusted where do you go ?

What did Anikan say when running away from the teacher who saw his juul?

Now this is pod racing!

What do Juul and the Catholic Church have in common?

They both have an interest in vaping children.

How much energy does it take to hit a vape?

1 juul

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