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I have a friend always ready for anything..

his name is

Justin Case

Had a fake ID made.

Now i have a new name, Justin Case

What's a good name for an insurance salesman?

Justin Case

The most punctual guy I've ever known was named Justin.

No matter where he went or what time he showed up, he was always Justin Time.

Who's your favorite backup quarterback?

I think his name is Justin Case

Bad joke i thought of late af at night

Did you hear the Kayse family are expecting a girl but they have prepared a boys name; Justin Kayse

What was the name of the time traveler with good timing?

Justin Time.

If my surname was 'Case'...

I'd name my son 'Justin'

Just in case.

A student arrives in class 5 seconds before the bell. What is his name?

Justin Time

Man: My name is Justin.

Woman: I didn't ask...

Man : Justin Case.

Not OC but never saw on Reddit.

What's a good backup name to have for a baby?

Justin Case.

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I always hire people with last name "Kays", and first name "Justin".

You know, just in case.

What is the name of the man who always takes precautionary measures?

Justin Case

Guy: My name is Justin

Girl: I didn't ask?

Guy: Justin case

My name is Justin, but i've always felt like a Justine inside.

At least that's what my dad told me.

My cousins name is Justin Case

To avoid any misunderstanding, I'll save him on my mobile properly, just in case...

I met the Canadian prime minister the other day

I said, Justin I heard that your last name was a hilarious Pun.
Is it true doe?

Have you meet my briefcase?

I named him Justin... Justin Case

With a name like his, the prime minister of Canada missed out on owning a good baker shop

>Justin time bakers.
-Trudeau for true canadians-

Justin Biber had an "E" put in his name so that people wouldn't think he was a baby.

What a dieckhead.

In which name of a nasty gnawing rodent do you find the letter combination "ebe?"

Justin Bieber

I think my boss forgot my name

I arrived at the board meeting and was almost late. My boss announced me as I came in calling me Justin Time.

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