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My stats professor told me that the larger the sample size the more trustworthy the data.

I guess the N's justify the means.

In statistics, a larger sample size results in more reliable averages.

The Ns justify the means.

What is the average of 5, 8, 17, N, and N?

Whatever number you want, because the N's justify the mean.

Justify joke, What is the average of 5, 8, 17, N, and N?

Why can't you ever justify something wrong done by a male cow?

Because it's In defence of bull!

Why are Statisticians all pragmatists?

Because they know the n's always justify the means

When asked if he will accept Trump's invitation to the White House, Triple Crown winner Justify said


What does an unvaccinated kid tell his friends to justify his choice?

Life is too short.

Justify joke, What does an unvaccinated kid tell his friends to justify his choice?

Why did the typesetter place words all over a page?

Because he refused to justify himself.

Idk how some Christians can justify their homophobia

Jesus literally gets nailed by a bunch of men in the Bible.

Can humans justify anything?

Obviously not, just look at Adam Sandler's career.

I can no longer justify the cookies price from local bakery

Because he keeps raisin it up

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I can justify capitalism in three words or less.

It sells itself.

In science, you don't just get to choose the parts that justify what you were going to do anyway.

You're thinking of religion.

Did you hear about the man who tried to justify his addiction to brake fluid?

Look, he said. I can stop whenever I want!

Why are statistics more believable with a larger sample size?

The Ns justify the means.

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