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This article is packed with jokes about oversized items such as a jumbo jet and a pepperoni pizza so big it's called "Biggie". Get ready for some laughs as you dive deep down the rabbit hole of oversized jokes.

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I'd just come out of the shop with a roast beef sandwich, large chips, ear of corn, & a jumbo sausage. A poor, homeless man sat there and said 'I haven't eaten for two days.'

I told him, 'I wish I had your will power.'

I really like oxymorons. Phrases like jumbo shrimp, organized chaos, open secret

Or United States of America.

What do you call an elephant that flies ?

A Jumbo Jet...

A husband's new wife really wants...

A husband's new wife really wants to go on a cruise for their honeymoon. The husband agrees, even though he tends to get horribly seasick on the water.

So the day before the wedding, he goes to a drugstore. He gets a jumbo pack of condoms, and the largest bottle of dramamine in the store.

At the checkout counter, the cashier looks at his condoms and dramamine and asks, If it makes you so sick, why do you do it?

What do you call an overweight Cajun conman?

A jumbo liar.

Credit to my boyfriend who is exceptionally punny.

A crime at the movie theater

A police detective walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Just got done investigating a burglary at the local movie theater," the detective tells the bartender. "They lost almost $10,000." "That's horrible," the bartender says. "Did they get the cash register?" "No," the detective replies. "Just three jumbo tubs of popcorn, two large sodas, three boxes of candy and a hot dog."

I'm like a jumbo kosher pickle

Guess you could say I'm a pretty big dill.

Jumbo joke, I'm like a jumbo kosher pickle

I Take Jumbo Pickles Very Seriously

I mean, it's a pretty big dill

I went to the local hot dog guy and said, Can I get a jumbo sausage?

He said, Sure. It shouldn't be long.

Me: In that case, can I get two?

What Did The Jumbo Shrimp Say To The Jumbo Crab?

"Looks like you've got me in a pinch."

What's a Jumbo Jet's favorite kind of bagel?


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A jumbo jet ditches into the caribbean

It was plane sailing from then on

The LGBT community us so dumb

Like really this many genders, and other Mumbo jumbo, like LGBT get your facts straight!


This guy was in his late hundreds. He had the posture of a jumbo shrimp. You were shocked? What -- did you see him on the X Games?

Jumbo shrimp is an oxymoron.

Jumbo shrimp with 8 wives is an oxymorman.

What happens when you eat 4 jumbo cans of vegetable soup?

You have a massive vowel movement.

Jumbo joke, What happens when you eat 4 jumbo cans of vegetable soup?

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