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What's Mr. Lahey's favorite smoothie?

Orange Julian

When I heard Julian Assange had 2 children with his lawyer while in exile...

I realized this gave new meaning to the words pro bono!

For Halloween this year, I went as Julian Assange

And stayed home.

What is Julian Assange's biggest fear?

Having the fire alarm go off.

Dear Kids, there is no Santa.

Those presents are from your parents.

Love, Julian Assange - *WikiLeaks*.

Juliane Koepcke was the sole survivor, when her plane crashed in the amazon

Guess they should have made the whole plane out of her

What is Julian Assange's favorite vegetable?


Julian Assange throws a barbeque

One of the guests compliments him on the marinade for the chicken. What's the recipe she asks? Julian replies 'Sorry I never reveal my sauces'

Have you heard Julian Assange never spends more than 20 seconds in the restroom?

Yeah, he's infamous for his quickieleaks.

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