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My girlfriend just admitted she used to be a Christian, so I broke up with her.

It might seem judgemental, but I have only known her since she was Christine.

People are too judgemental these days

I can tell just by looking at them

So many people these days are too judgemental

I can tell just by looking at them

Judgemental joke, So many people these days are too judgemental

Some people are way too judgemental

I can tell just by looking at them

Three things I cannot stand:

* stupid people
* judgemental people
* double standards
* people who can't count
* lists
* irony

I recently became a therapist and had a new girl come in today

I could tell she thought I was judgemental the minute I looked at her

Animals getting frisky

A father and son are standing on a hill looking out over a plain. Seeing a pair of animals getting intimate, the son turns to his father and says "Dad, why is that buffalo getting on top of another boy buffalo? Is it gay?"

The father turns to the son to admonish him.

"You shouldn't be judgemental of another person or animal for the sexuality!"

While he says this, the same buffalo mounts a female.

"Anyway, it's bison."

Judgemental joke, Animals getting frisky

So I'm reading a book about a movie star that was born a woman but then comes out as identifying as male, but no one gets upset or judgemental about it, they just accept it and get on with their lives. It's a good book...

It's a real page turner

What do you call a crazy judge?


Trigger joke

Feminist: why are men so judgemental about women?

Me: because people like you are around.

I don't know why i was thrown in jail by the judge

I only called him judgemental

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You know there are some trained minds that can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them.

I like to call said minds 'Presumptious, judgemental Assholes.'

What do you call a judgemental mushroom?

A shit-talkie

What is the most judgemental hot tub?

A j'cuzzie


What do you call a judge who decides the verdict before the case is even heard?

What's the most judgemental fruit?

A Jury-an

Judgemental joke, What's the most judgemental fruit?

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