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Me : God save me...

God : as jpg or png???


Oh God save me ...

God: as **jpg** or **pdf**?


An .mp3 file and a .jpg file were out on a date...

The .jpg says, "I love high-fidelity music!" The .mp3 says, "Really? I'm an audio file too!"


How do you save a drowning black family?

As a .jpg


Whatever happened to transparency of government? They were supposed to be .png, and we got .jpg instead.

They didn't even have the common decency to be .gif


After a long day at work, I was returning to home and I saw a girl running and yelling to me: Please Save me!!!

And I promptly replied:

-In jpg or pdf?


Warning: racist

I saved a drowning black family once ...

... as a JPG.


Dear God, please save me...

God: As jpg or png?


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