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Need help: looking for parade jokes. (I know, right?)

I was asked to announce the 4th of July parade in my small hometown. Was wondering if anyone here has been at a parade and heard something funny.

The only thing to work off of right now is that Josh Duhmel is announcing the 4th of July parade in a larger town about 20 minutes away.


Why did Josh Gordon marry Mary Jane?

So he'd only get a 2 game suspension for abusing her.

A reality star, a rapist and a child molester walk into a bar.

And Josh Duggar orders a drinkο»Ώ.

How many children did Josh Duggar molest?

19 kids and counting.

Too soon? :/

What did Josh say when asked if his sister was good in bed?

"I Duggar."

Josh Dugger more like Josh Diddler

"I started talking to this girl and it was going really well until....

our mom called us in for dinner."

-Josh Duggar

Josh joke, "I started talking to this girl and it was going really well until....

TLC launching new spin-off Josh Duggar retrospective series....

"15 and Mounting".

I heard Josh Duggar is headed to prison

I think he's just headed to a family reunion.

Where did Josh Duggar take his first Ashley Madison date?


What is Josh Duggar's second favorite dating website after Ashley-Madison?

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Did you hear about Josh Duggar's cheating scandal?

He molested his sister behind his other sister's back.

Joshua led the Hebrews in the battle of Geritol in Florida.

Pearl Harbour 9/11'd Josh Hartnett's career.

Three disasters in seven words that make a fully coherent sentence. Can anyone do better?

What's more covered in sweat than a marathon runner at the end of a race?

Josh Duggar at a family reunion.

Le'Veon Bell, Josh Gordon and Tom Brady walk into a bar

To watch the first 4 weeks of the NFL season

Josh joke, Le'Veon Bell, Josh Gordon and Tom Brady walk into a bar

Josh tells his friend Steve, 'did you know 2 out of every 3 people live next to a paedophile?'

Steve replies 'not me, I live next to two smoking hot 10 years olds'

What do Joshua, Redwood, and Sequoia trees have in common?

They all have roots in California.

There's a rumor going around that someone in my group of friends is gay...

I hope it's Josh, he's pretty cute.

What do Josh Homme and Donald Trump have in common?

They both had sessions that nobody really cared for that much.

Ethiopian Food

Me: Hey, Greg, do you like Ethiopian food?

Greg: Yeah, had it last week, it was pretty good.

Me: Hey, Josh, have you had Ethiopian food?

Josh: Yeah.

Me: They didn't.

I couldn't think of a way to make a Drake and Josh joke sound simple

But I found a way

I met a guy who looked a bit like James Bond in India. He said his name Josh..

Rogan Josh.

What's a singing toilet seat's favorite Josh Groban song?

♬♫β™ͺ You raise me up β™ͺ♫♬

Yesterday my wife left me

"She ran away with my best friend Josh."

"Since when is Josh your best friend?"

"Since yesterday."

I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas. He said, "How about a book mark?"

I cried. He still doesn't know my name is Josh.

Josh joke, I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas. He said, "How about a book mark?"

Josh Brolin is due to get a sex change operation before the release of the next Avengers film.

Apparently she is going to go by Trannos.

I want to meet this Josh guy...

who was just kidding around so much that people started saying, "Wait, are you Joshing me right now?"

For centuries, scientists said Drake and Josh couldn't come to Hulu or Netflix

But they found a way, they found a way

His name is josh

Person 1: *sneezes*
Person 2: bless you.
Person 1: thank you.
Person 2: you're welcome.
Person 1: no, I'm josh.

Where does Senator Josh Hawley do his shopping?

At the flee market.

Two teenagers are talking about their girlfriends

Rick: My babe is 18 already and has huge tits, what about yours?

Josh: She is 42 and amazing in bed, like you wouldn't believe.

Rick: 42?! She could be your mother, man!

Josh: Could be. But she's yours.

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