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What does Michael Jordan and Melania Trump have in common?

The both made a fortune playing with orange balls

Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Jordan, and George RR Martin walk into a bar...

I'll finish writing this later

I want to adopt two kids...

... with cancer, both named Jordan.

I've always wanted a sick pair of Jordans.

The guy that played Killmonger in Black Panther is great

He's the Michael Jordan of acting.

Match the middle eastern country to its sworn enemy...

- Bahrain
- Lebanon
- Qatar
- United Arab Emirates
- Egypt
- Syria
- Jordan
- Iran
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- Algeria
- Morocco
- Yemen
- Oman
- Kuwait

1. Israel

My dad is like the Michael Jordan of dads.

He has a serious gambling problem.


1000 men entered Jordan last night

She said she will be fine after a bit of rest

Jordan joke, BREAKING NEWS

Footballer Dwight Yorke just got denied entry to the US due to an Iranian stamp in his passport.

Makes a change at least, most of his troubles are from briefly entering Jordan.

I know a sure way to stop the murder hornets

Just have Michael Jordan take over ownership.

Why do women love Jordan Spieth?

Because he came second.

Studying for MCAT when I heard this Joke!

I was studying for the MCAT while listening to an audiobook for a chapter on the endocrine system. Anyways, at the end of the audiobook the guy signs of saying: "Hey John, how do you make a hormone anyway?"... "That's easy Jordan, you just don't pay her." Loled so hard!

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up on the oil rigs

so these two albertans, jordan and teddy, are working away up north, on a long stint. jordan says "hey teddy, whats the first thing you're gonna do when you get home" and teddy replies "I'm gonna go straight upstairs and tear off my wifes panties!" and jordan says "oh yeah??" and teddy replies "yeah man they are really chafing me, right here".

What does Michael Jordan like to put on his toast for breakfast?

Space Jam

Q: Why did Jordan Peterson cross the road?

A: The answer isn't obvious. It's bloody serious. It's no joke, man.

In Israel, we just want peace.

A piece of Jordan, a piece of Egypt, a piece of Lebanon...

What do Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan have in common?

They were ridiculed when they played in the minors.

Jordan joke, What do Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan have in common?

Michael Jordan tried escaping his nickname in Germany...

but they still called him Herr Jordan.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman are set to compete against each other in a wordplay competition in Spain

The Punning Of The Bulls

Wh did people in the NBA think Michael Jordan was conceited?

Because he was always putting on Airs.

What does Michael Jordan do in Krispy Kreme?

Dunkin Donut

Friend told me that I was already the Michael Jordan of my sport

I play baseball.

Michael Jordan brought out shoes for the pandemic

Airborne Jordans

What do you call a German guy wearing basketball shoes?

Herr Jordan

When Montell Jordan introduces you to his friends, but your name sounds like a title to one of his songs...

"This is Howie Dewitt!"

Why did the cannibal hate Michael Jordan?

Too gamey

You know what the B in Michael B Jordan stands for?

Basketball. Crazy right...

Jordan joke, You know what the B in Michael B Jordan stands for?

Why did the Chicago Bulls keep Scotty Pippen on the team?

So Michael Jordan had something to put his cigars out on.

Did you know that, in his prime, Michael Jordan could jump higher than an average house?

The average house cannot jump nor does it have legs.

I feel like Jordans International Airport missed a big oppurtunity to call their airport...

Air Jordan.

What does Micheal Jordan put on his toast?

Space Jam!

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