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So, little jonny came back from the church...

and asked his mom: "Mom, is god man or a woman".

Mom didn't want to spoil his mind so she said: "Both."

Little jonny went to his room and thought for sometime.

He came back and asked her: "Mom, is god black or white".

Again, the mom didn't want any controversy so she said: "Both."

Jonny again went back to his room and thought for sometime.

Then he came back and asked: "Mom, is god a straight or gay?"

Again, mom didn't want to create any controversy, so again she said: "Both."

This time jonny went to his room and thought really hard.

He came back and said: "Mom I finally figured it out. michael jackson is god"

Teacher asks little Jonny "how long has your Dad been working at his company"

Little Jonny replies "ever since they threatened to fire him"

Little Jonny was sitting on a park bench enjoying a cigarette.

A woman stopped, excuse me young man, but I'll have you know that those can take years off of your life.

No disrespect ma'am, but I'll have you know that my grandfather lived to the ripe old age of 104.

Did he smoke also?

No, he minded his own f\*\*king business.

Jonny joke, Little Jonny was sitting on a park bench enjoying a cigarette.

An Asian doctor, SEAL, and astronaut walks into a bar

His name is Jonny Kim. Please don't let my mother know about him.

There was a time when people where entertained by men like Jonny Cash and Bob Hope

Nowadays, we have no Cash and no Hope.

It's a boy

Once little jonny was playing in the park when a pregnant woman passes by him.

"So, it's a boy then !!!"
Says little johnny to the woman.

" How do you know"
Asks the woman.

" I could see his moustache through your fly "

Jonny comes home with two black eyes.

"What happened to you?" asks mom.

"Well," says Jonny, "I was riding on the bus this morning and there was a big fat woman
sitting in front of me. She had her dress caught up in her crotch, so I pulled it out, and she
punched me."

"That accounts for one black eye," says mom, "what about the other one?"

"Well," says Jonny, "I could see she did not like that, so I shoved it back in."

Jonny joke, Jonny comes home with two black eyes.

How are children born?

Little peter and little Johnny asked their grandma,"How children are born Granny?".
"The Stark brings them in his beak my children", said Grandma.
Little Peter and little Johnny looked at each other and Little Jonny said ,"What do you think Peter, Shall we tell her?"
"No No" said Peter,"Leave her in her innocence"

Why is Jonny Depp's second wife no longer suing him?

In the last couple months he developed Heard Immunity

Poor little Jonny didn't understand the diagnosis

So he asks his mom, "what did the doctor say I have, capricorn?" His mom replies "No stupid, Cancer, you have cancer!"

I just heard that the CEO of Tesla could have been seeing Jonny Depp's Ex-Wife while they were still married

I'm surprised Jonny couldn't smell the Elon Musk

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What do Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter day after they cut down a tree?


Jonny: "Babe, you know I would marry you in a heartbeat, but your dad would never let us!" Sarah: "Honey...

...dew you think we cantaloupe?"
I know, its bad. I'm sorry.

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